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  2. @NPP Your credit history is one of the metrics used in the formula for pricing a financial product. All other things being equal, a bad credit history can add 1-2% to the average rate quoted. This would, obviously, depend on the institution concerned, but banks tend to take a more serious look at the credit history than finance/leasing companies.
  3. Driver number 1 drives the Corolla. He paid it off, has a 2 bedroom house paid for, makes thirty thousand a year and has excellent credit. Driver number 2 drives the Benz, has 3 years left to pay it off, has a 7 bedroom house with hundreds of thousands left to pay, makes two hundred thousand a year and has poor credit.Sadly many people would choose to be driver number 2 because of what it looks like in spite of the reality that driver number 1 is more wealthy. Your circumstances will never change until your thinking is changed Credit: original poster
  4. I meant I liked the old fascia of the Allion....I like the grill of the Luxel more...OP should stick with the old face of the Allion. A swap to the the new face would be too drastic and too suspicious.
  5. Thanks guys for all the input. Learned a lot about this car from you guys now. This might sound like a silly question, but all ES3 RS cars came with SOHC 1.7 VTEC engine right? Edit : This cars engine number starts with D17A-
  6. @Crosswind We have a subscription with Dialog, the pearl package. If you are offended by irrelevant Indian advertisements i don't think Dialog TV is for you, i am not sure about the HD channels though, i think they are not streamed from India, Dialog used to give out the HD channels for free during the holiday seasons, if i am not mistaken i didn't see a single Indian advertisement when watching the HD channels. Their customer service is really good, replaced our set top box several times along with the remote. We also have the Discovery Turbo and Science channels, yes it is also filled with Indian crap. So essentially we are paying Rs 1000+ to watch the local news channels and CNN.
  7. this Chanel list ( + other SD channels = 1800 LKR, But this is Dish TV India (not LK). HD set-top box + complete installation will cost you around 14000/= LKR. HD = real HD 1080i/50Hz you can convert this connection to a international connection which allows you to see LK local channels as will cost you 5k more. Vediocon HD might be cheaper than this and i think they have more HD channels.
  8. That is exactly what happens if you plead with them. For example if you cross the double/single line which is a punishable offence at the courts they can issue a spot fine for obstructing the oncoming traffic instead. All cops are worried (at least officially) is meeting their target for the day. So whether it is a court case or spot fine it is immaterial (perhaps they will be able to minimize further documentation at their end if they issue a spot fine). Once we had an arrangement to reimburse parking fines for our company drivers when on field round trips. What really happened was drivers used to ask for parking fines even when they jump traffic lights!
  9. There is no U turn offence mentioned in dada kola AFAIK so maybe the cop was telling the truth
  10. He could have fined you for a different offence which carries a spot fine but Im not sure
  11. Is this it? It says FUSO canter van
  12. @kirala2 - thanks for the detailed explanation. slightly OT here, but do financial institutions here actually give better rates if we have a clean credit history? Should we negotiate hard for it and how much of a reduction can we expect from normal board rate?
  13. Not my taste either.
  14. Cheers ! TT.
  15. The KDH200 series came earlier, so Nissan copied from Toyota.
  16. Mitsubishi already is selling a stripped down version of NV350(Caravan) in Middle East as Fuso
  17. which retard told you that having a toyota vehicles have low maintenance cost???
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  19. I would like to know the legal standing for offences eg: spot fine (dada kola) vs Courts (usawiya) I got copped in heavy traffic for taking a U turn where prohibited ,it was a raining slightly and dark and at the end of a tiring day hence i didnt see the board, and I accepted my mistake However the cop said this is a an offence where I'm going to send you to courts so I told him to give me a spot fine instead so with some reluctance he gave me a dada kola Do the traffic police have the right to send someone to courts or issue spot fines for such offences ? or was he just trying a fast one to get a bribe? can someone please elaborate I would have thought some offences are punishable by spot fines and some serious ones like drunk driving by Courts?
  20. Not against rules, just against our tastes.
  21. 1 මචෝ ඉස්සරහ ටයර් එක බපර් එකේ ඇතිල්ලෙනවා. එක හද ගන්න ඕන. What's the tyre size? does it happen when you turn the wheel? as fiatLife mentioned tyre width could be the cause. But have seen these with much bigger wheels. 2 බොනෙට් එක උඩ තියෙන ගැජට් එක (අර කළු ඉර තියෙන ) දා ගන්නත් ඕන. I would get rid of all those stuff, including chrome stuff and specially the scoop. get a original bonnet with the scoop if you really want it but they are very very expensive. 3 ෆොග් ලයිට් දාගන්නත් ඕන. Try Delkanda area for genuine fog lights. 4 කට ඇන්ඩ් පොලිෂ් හෝ ලස්සන පේන්ට් කරන්නත් ඕන. Go for a cut and polish if the pain is in good condition. It would be 150K+ for a proper pain job with good stuff. Some places have this bumper with yellow fog lights. but you need to buy the full thing. And see how nice if you keep it clean
  22. SLT peo TV is OK for me.
  23. AFAIK kdh came first. When it was becoming popular, Nissan copied it. Somehow Caravan looks better than kdh now.
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