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  2. Colonial claims they can install Navi with the local maps in all the new mazdas. There was an ad a few weeks ago. I called them up and they said they are offering it all inclusive for 60K and to bring the car in on a weekday to check. These are for cars with the Mazda Connect. I think the first gen 6's did not have this system- better check with them.
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  4. How is your CEL indication? Does it really indicate a fault when there is one? Subject to your CEL is working the knock can be either due to a worn out TPS sensor or wrong throttle adjustment. Does it happen on cold start and when the engine revs are high? or only when the engine is warm?
  5. During the tune up did you clean the throttle body, iacv and EGR? Sounds like an issue with your idle air control. It could also be the tps and maf, clean them both and see.
  6. While I am greatfull for organizers of motor sports events one can't help but notice how untrained the race marshal are in handling an injured rider. They move the legs, takes off helmet and move his head , one even tries to give him water.
  7. I stated before..based on the Accessories and config sheet (which I posted a link to) Memory and auto seats, seat heaters and steering heater are all options in the ProActiv range as well. So those missing DOES NOT mean it is a lower grade. need to understand what ProActiv is...S is the highest grade for the Sedan. S ProActiv is the S with the driver assist and collision avoidance package. Only other addition is they have offered accessories and options that were previously offered only in the Sport variant (which was available in the sedan 22D sedans). So yeah...for now the most expensive sedan you can get is the S ProActiv and it is kind of a transition grade whilst everything gets rolled out to other grades. Can't say about the spoiler though...could be a seasonal thing or a dealer package thing as hard to say if it standard across the board or just a specialty thing..
  8. Guys, there is this guy who is promoting Mazda Navigation as well as converting the system of Axela to English, is it safe to install navi in the 6 ( out of topic)
  9. Aha!! But they changed both at the same time for my Grace
  10. Hi HI, just to let you know that i got the issue fixed. Issue was with the petrol filter and git it changed now starting issue is fixed. now car start without any issue. However there is this knock(not a noise, but a shock) while driving. As long as I keep the foot on accelerator car runs smoothly, but when I release the foot to reduce speed, car gets this knock(one time shock). Then again when I keep foot on pedal car start to gain speed after a one time shock. Any idea why this might be ?
  11. AFAIK Mazda Axela 15s Proactive should have front seat heaters, steering wheel heater, electric memory seats as standard. If any of those are missing, it should be a lower grade like 15C or 15S. Mazda Radar Cruise control(MRCC) is optional for 15s proactive. It seems like 2016 Axela 1.5L version does not get the rear spoiler as standard
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  13. Thanks for the lead... I'll surely contact both of them.. Koswattha area?? That must be Sanjay then.. Anyway I really do appreciate you coming forward to help a newbie like me.. 😀
  14. Noep they changed the transmission oil and then the clutch oil on separate occasions at the agent.
  15. Don't they refer to the same thing?
  16. Looks mean dude itching to see this tearing up roads!
  17. You need to change Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid or DCTF too when change the gear oil.
  18. Best bet is to check with the garages specializing in them. Forum members VVTi and Bugatti run a workshop who might be able to help find you one. I've seen a few nice E34s frequent another workshop in the Koswatta area. And of course you can pay a visit to the BMW specialist as well.
  19. Oh right. Bad engine and gearbox mounts.
  20. Ok How much are you selling your cam for
  21. I mean the gearbox and the engine seating was not good and I have them replace with new once
  22. Glad you got it sorted. By "gearbox and engine seating wear out", do you mean they replaced the clutch pack(s)?
  23. The shop name is BHG auto transmission @ bangi, Malaysia. The cost was 195rm each and the labour charge was 60rm.
  24. That's great news. much appreciated if you could share the details of the shop and the cost for future reference for someone else
  25. Thanks guys, just coming from auto gear box shop and the detected that it was the gearbox and engine seating wear out and after change, the gear is running smoothly now. Thanks again for all ur help.
  26. adding to what Davy mentioned, do you feel any raise in RPM ? like it revs alot to change gears or something ? unusual behavior ? or is it just the "back with sound when the gear is returning back" ??
  27. That is because they are too recent to have done high milage
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