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  2. wrx sti

    I don't have first hand experience with this place, but I hear good things about Sabry at Plat!num Aut0 $pa. Mainly a recommendation by our inactive member @Komisiripala. You might want to check them out too.
  3. 12kmpl is a very good figure for any 1500 CC car
  4. If only they put a bit of effort into it and made it a Ford Raptor alternative or something better
  5. I have hyundai 1500 cc 2001 manual and it does 12kmpl in short journies...tune up done.tps and purge control valve replaced month ago...still same in fuel this normal or can i get does more than 15kmpl in long journies and around 17kmpl in highway..
  6. Many Thanks ,really appreciate your help..
  7. @psw as per google translator app it means "Key battery remaining a little". Hope it helps
  8. Replace the battery on your key??? 'Key Battery Remaining Little' is the direct translation from Japanese to English as per the google translate app. you can scan any text. It's a must have if you're using a modern JDM vehicle unless you can read Japanese.
  9. HI , I'm having a 2014 axio hybrid and i can see the below error message while stopping the car only. does any body knows what this means highly appreciate your thought.
  10. Hi, everyone , i would like to ask anyone using suzuki every join ?, if so, can you guys tell me if the rear AC is working default when you bought a new one or just we have to manually set it up ? your feedback is important in this matter. thanks
  11. Thankz...I will check on that.....
  12. There is a good place for All Nissan vehicle service & repair in Kelaniya Bulugaha Junction his name is Ravi Perera.He worked A*W for 15 years & he has very good trouble shooting knowledge.He is doing only Nissan & he is a Nissan expert. I went last week & he found my bad noise when im turn on the AC.I went several places & lost my time.Finally i went to Ravi & he sorted out my issue.
  13. I'm using a 1.5 G11 for about 3 years now. Comfortable, spacious and a great car to drive. Boot space, and leg space for back seat passengers are best in its class. Both front and rear seats are comfortable. Fuel Economy ( Can increase the figures if you drive carefully. ) City - 9.5 Outstation - 12.5 Common Issues Dashboard is melting down I had to replace some suspension parts, AC service in about 100,000 kms. Other than that nothing. I do most of the repairs from agents which is bit costly than other places. Parts are easily available.
  14. wrx sti

    Not yet.. just looking around what other options are out there before talking to him
  15. If it's low oil pressure due to a clogged filter, then yes, changing the filter should solve your issue.
  16. Some people are going bonkers with engine tune up and its become bit of a hype. How often should we do an engine tune up? or should it only be done if you notice something wrong?

  17. The pre-facelift was pretty close enough too
  18. Thank you very much for your advice. If it is a problem in the filter, will changing it be a solution?
  19. wrx sti

    Did you try talking to Jehan @ senok?
  20. I see.. I shall wait then
  21. What is the vehicle?
  22. Yesterday
  23. I'm adding one more thing to it. If it's only a "Few rotten eggs" you will never get it done from their warranty. Because all companies are offering only manufacturer defects cover for Engine and Gear box. (No Gasket, No Injectors, No Rubber parts, No Electronic parts, No wear and tear parts etc. Actually, it covered nothing). So never rely on warranty it's just an another marketing trick only.
  24. I would take this as an advice. if it is only a "few rotten eggs" you will not be able to see a trend of advertising for dual clutch repair for these vehicles. just search that famous "quick site" (i* for the text "dual-clutch-repair". within few months if you do the same search you will be able to find out more than 10-20search results. but still "quality repair work" will cost you.
  25. Close enough
  26. Short answer: Of course you can. Two days to diagnose a leak and fix it? That's absurd! It's a one man, one day job at most, even for a car with an evaporator that requires significant dashboard disassembly. The method used to detect leaks is to pressurise the system using compressed air and observe the pressure reading. If it drops over time, the joints and fittings (starting from areas that require least disassembly - i.e. engine) are checked for leaks and repaired/replaced as necessary. The system is pressurised again and the above process followed until the pressure stays intact. Once the system is confirmed to be sealed, it's lubed up and filled with refrigerant. Since you seem to be having a visible leak, ask them to fix it and do the pressure test to see if it holds up.
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