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  2. I was thinking of buying a car and renting it out to earn some extra income and was thinking of an Alto or a Geely MX saloon as both cars are around the same price of 1.7 mil for a 2012/2013 model however i would like your opinion of on the expected monthly rental for an Alto and a Geely now and which is easier to give on rent as for spares the Alto comes on top for price thanks in advance
  3. This is what I get
  4. Oh my god ! So tell me is there a vehicle on earth to fulfil following ? 1. Options and comfort- power steering,power shutter, AC, front suspension 2. 4wd with good ground clearance. 3. Fuel economy of 10-12/l if diesel. 13-15 if petrol. 4.For a budget below 2.5 million. 5. Suits workplace ( office..)
  5. On behalf of a friend who's looking for a SU14 alternator, Please see his request below.
  6. There's nothing called Suzuki Gypsy. You are probably talking about a diesel converted Maruti Gypsy. Have you ever been in a 1960s Austin Lorry? That's the feeling you get when you drive a Gypsy. It vibrates like crazy. Having said that, I always liked to own a Gypsy myself. Like the looks of it. Will probably own one someday when I have cash to spare.
  7. @The Stig I already have a business page but for some reason it dose not give me any facility to delete images contributed by 3'rd parties in google maps. It shows only the option to 'Report Image'
  8. Madz, register for a google my business page ( They will send you a letter with a verification code and then you can control all the information shown in that preview pane. Its good for SEO also.
  9. How about a Suzuki gypsy 4wd with a diesel engine? can that beat hustler ?
  10. Hi Congrats on your new buy. Hiw much was that J style ?
  11. @Crosswind ..several times I reported this image along with few others to google by using their report image option but still they have not taken it down.
  12. Well, to me it looks like what @Crosswind pointed out above as an early signs of a gasket leak. Do you find any gray color oily residue on the bottom rubber seal of the radiator cap? How about engine temperature particularly when held up in traffic on sunny days? Does the heat indicator go above half-mark on the gauge often? This gurgling noise that you mentioned is a bit subjective - is it more like a engine knock when ignition is too advanced? BTW do you know when the timing belt was last changed?
  13. I guess it's something to do with their compound. I've seen it happen in all Michelin tyres I've had on my cars.
  14. sadly yes.... :-( I had to go to thel higannas thing Premio due to excessive fuel cost as I'm working in the Mullaithivu for more than a year. Also another Honda GP5 is there which is used by wife...
  15. That place is owned by a (now inactive) Autolanka member Sylvi Wijesinghe. Don't forget to negotiate, as there have been comments about the place being expensive.
  16. Here's my line of thinking. Gurgling sound generally comes due to evaporating water. Water could evaporate due to a leak somewhere. It could be the radiator core, hoses fitted to the radiator, loose/damaged radiator cap or there's also the possibility of a leak on the head gasket. It actually happened to me once and I realised the monkey at the service station hadn't tightened the radiator cap after topping up with water. If its the radiator cap, water level should drop drastically. If its through hoses or the core, the level of water drop would depend on the nature of the leak. Oil wouldn't seep in to the radiator in any of these cases. But the fact that you mentioned there's oil in the water suggests you might be at the early stages of a gasket leak. Let's do one more test. Accelerate and see if you are getting whitish smoke from the exhaust. Pls note that I can always be wrong. Pls also wait for some opinions from folks like @Rumesh88 @Davy
  17. Hi Guys, I'm new to Here, I Want to to buy a Turbo Car, that needs to have a better fuel consumption, currently im running a Subaru, BTW i think GT and the Glanza is the best, correct me if im wrong, so now i want to which is the better, gt or glanza, mainly i want performance, Starlet GT VS Glanza 1.What is the best performing car, 2.And what is the best upgradeable car, 3.Both Fuel Consumptions 4.Which one has the more space inside 5.Which one is the Market Car 6.Which One Has The Expensive Parts (Body) 7. What is The Best Looking Car and the Top Speed 8.Stock Cars/Conversions and the Converted Cars Average Price
  18. The coolant level have dropped a little bit and on top there is a oily effect.. What could that be? And today it seems that sometimes it happens at about 2300 RPM too..
  19. Dura thaw ( 4x114.3 )
  20. You should listen to him, he's the KDH specialist here
  21. Hi Crosswind, Thank you for sharing the contact. I talk to them and they can do the repair. Cheers, Ravee
  22. Is Sylvi Wijesinghe still around?
  23. I found this on You tube.
  24. as far as I know machan i had the same thing in my previous car... i was also told to replace the windscreen itself and there is no alternative to patch it up.. but lets see if someone else in this forum has an alternative..
  25. Hi , Thank you for your input. Actually this is a small damage, I wonder whether there is any place to do the damage repair . Ravee.
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