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  2. I"ll check that out
  3. Agent may charge more. Any competent garage can do. Must remove the upper head of the engine and an original Gasket & seals may necessary. However get more sure about the fault. Have you noticed some exhaust smoke at idling each time (provide gap of 5 minutes in between) when you start the engine ?
  4. Yep engine oil is changed every 6 months regardless of the mileage (or if it hits 5k km before 6 months) I was in the opinion that synth oils are formulated to avoid sludge formation and have less chance of sludge formation compared to mineral oil (atleast that's what oil manufacturers say.)
  5. It's advised to change engine oil every 5000km if its mineral...
  6. Excessive vibration at a certain RPM is a sign of bad engine mounts. You need to decide whether the issue is with ignition system or the mounts. Does the vibration occur even if you accelerate in neutral? If so get someone to slowly accelerate and listen to exhaust sound for a miss in the engine beat. If you do not experience the vibration with gear in neutral but only when the drive is loaded then the problem is more likely to be with ignition system. Get the continuity of wires and coils tested just to be sure.
  7. If it is mineral oil you need not worry but make sure to change it every 6 months even if the mileage is low.
  8. History of oil change from mid sept 2015 1st Sept 2015 - (Honda sync oil) 20th Nov 2015 - 9387 km (Honda sync oil) 11th Mar 2016 - 7365 km (Honda sync oil) 26th June 2016 - 9061 km (Honda sync oil) 14th Oct 2016 - 9091 km (toyota min) 10th Jan 2017 - 5977 (toyota min)
  9. hi I checked his tune up data sheet. There he mentioned that the plug gap is 1.1 mm. So no need to worry about that. Maybe the plug is leaking as u said. Can I use a tape to fix the issue temporally. Is it ok?. Coming back to the vib, I should mention that the vib is more noticeable when accelerating from zero velocity. Vib is spreading over the dashboard at that time. Is this a symptom of bad mounts..?? Thanks.
  10. @Rumesh88 Does this happen even if the engine oil is changed every 6 months ( conventional oil, not synthetic/s. synthetic ) and the car is driven 2 times a week, about 20-25 kms (both trips combined) ?
  11. Thanks. Is it a big repair needing the attention of the agent. Or a machanic could do it? I examined exhaust at high rev (4000), no sign of burning oil. Exhaust is quite moist even with some water droplets. By the way, see the figure below. This is the only sign of burning oil I noticed....
  12. Thanks. I"ll take the vehicle to Stafford and give an update.
  13. This could be from worn Valve stem Seal (oil) rather than the piston rings. Little smoke at the start (at idling) and then disappear within very few minutes is a sign for this fault while piston ring failures lead to give constant smoke every time when the engine is active, At the both cases oily stain at the tip of the exhaust end is a common sign. Dry black deposits on the center electrode ceramic area of the spark plug also shows this could be originated from leaky valve seals. You will not be noticed any reduction in pulling power at this fault. Changing the viscosity of the oil won't help.
  14. If the dealer is that confident then you will have to get the rings changed i am afraid. Until you get it done you can run with 10W-30 but keep monitoring the oil level regularly for any reduction and fill up as required. It is not possible for the car to breakdown suddenly due to this kind of issue.
  15. This vehicle was heavily used, as I mentioned non-stop long trip -80 km The machanic at the service station also said that this is a common problem in Honda and replacement of piston rings would solve the problem.
  16. According to my research its due to the 0w20 fully synthetic oil. Many are having the same issue, its due to sludge formation. The 0W20 oil is fully synthetic and is designed for heavy use. I basically drive around colombo is its subjected to constant engine heating up and cooling down plus longer oil change intervals 8000kms or 6 months. Resulting in the formation of sludge. Honda fit gp1 and insight have the same engine. Do a google search "honda insight engine oil burn" many have complained! Its better to use 5W30 with semi synthetic short oil change intetvals 4000kms. I rented out a honda fit gp1 for last 2 months and noticed engine knock feeling. I checked the oil and guess what it was empty with black tar kind of formation.
  17. Are the plugs Iridium or regular? I cannot see an iridium tip in the pic. BTW how often do you inspect the plugs? Let alone the oil deposits but the plug itself is way over due for a replacement IMO.The smoke in the morning can sometimes be steam but if it is oil you get a oil burning smell and if so it could be due to stuck or worn out piston rings particularly if it happens only when the engine is cold. Best thing is to get a compression test done (still better done when the engine is cold). Ask them to do a "wet test" as well by pouring in a small amount of oil on to the piston to determine if the valve guide are leaking. Switching to 10W-30 may reduce oil burning but will not solve it. Another thing you can try is to pour a tea spoon of engine oil on to each piston head (one has to use a syringe and a tube to get access through the plug hole to do it cleanly. Same thing is done during a "wet test"), fix the plugs back and leave the car for a couple of days before starting again. (Perhaps you may have to call up a mechanic to do it at your home). This might loosen up the deposits on the chamber side of the rings and may set them free if they are stuck. It is not a permanent fix but will help in identifying the issue and perhaps may solve it hopefully for another few thousand kms.
  18. photo of plugs
  19. Thanks TT. I could not see any sign of burning oil. The exhaust is very clear, but I noticed a 2 mm wide black stain around the tip of the exhaust pipe (see below). However, I wiped it out to monitor. Surely, engine oil is not leaking out from Is it because 0w-20 is too thin? I am thinking of shifting from 0w-20 to 30 next time and see what happens!!!!
  20. The images are not visible in my browser for some reason. However, something does not add up to the given mileage figures. For 03 years you have run 68000 kms ie 23,900 kms a year, ie less than 2000 kms a month. If the daily run is 160 kms then it is a 12 day run a month on average. Although you run 160 kms a day do you leave the car idle regularly for extended periods like 2 weeks in between? Then there is a possibility for deposits to form on moving parts. BTW how often do you change oil? Before deciding to go for a piston rings change get a compression test done and sort out if the oil burn is through piston rings or valve guides. Do you get any white smoke on high revs? Use of 10W30 oil for some time should not be a reason for the oil burn assuming the services was done regularly on time.
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