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    Call me old school but I don't marry a women thinking how much I can earn when I divorce her. Tell me I am not the only one who thinks this way, or am I just a hopeless romantic in love with the cars I own ?
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    Let us observe 2 minutes of silence for people who think the Integra is just a "19 year old Honda".
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    Parts are cleaned and ready to resemble with new Genuine Toyota Parts.
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    You should ask for advice from Sumanadasa uncle about predicted repairs
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    Eureka !!! Eureka !!! After waiting for months, found the correct heart from UK..... low mileage Volvo 1.9 Turbo Diesel T3 Engine pulled from a V40 A big thank to our moderator The Don , whom spent hours on this matter and helped me to find the correct engine. So T3 engine + gear box(M/T) and some other components are on the way. Thanks maersk & matroska for the information about VOLMEC. Already discussed with them and waiting for the goods and will decide future steps. More details....later. (Wish to convert this thread in to a restoration thread soon.)
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    Hello guys, I am new around here. I'll share my experience on DIY paint job that me & my brother (He did the most of it) did for the Maruti 800 we owned. We painted the whole car once in solid white. We used 1K paint single stage solid white paint to do the job (Yes, you could put new paint over the existing paint and even a slightly different color too). It was bit of an experiment which the results turned out to be quite good (Didn't get the factory finish but it was acceptable). I'll write down some important points we noted during our experiment and how we carried out some of the tasks. Paint Gun You should find a decent paint gun to do the job. You could mange with a Chinese paint guns which costs 1k-2k but they are bit unpredictable unless you are used to it. But our experiment was done with such a gun that 1.2mm nozzle (Few year later we got hold of "Ingco" brand paint gun (1.8mm nozzle) which turned out to be quite good too. But it's expensive). You should first take a metal panel (a wall or wood panel won't do because they are more absorbent than metal) and try the gun yourself. Paint guns usually have valves to adjust air flow and paint flow. And there is another adjustments for spread area. You should get familiar with these adjustments so you could get desired outcome. The distance from the gun to paint surface is also very important. If you get it too close your paint will start to drip. If it's too far the sprayed paint will turn into dried dust and deposit on the surface. The optimum distance changes with the gun and its adjustments. Painting surface Our subject had a solid white paint without a clear coat. So we sanded it using 600 grit sand paper to make the surface rough enough for the paint to stick properly. As far as I know clear coats should be removed completely. We used wooden & rubber blocks when sanding to avoid getting uneven surface. Painting area should be made absolutely even (We did as far as we can). And it should be free from oil, grease or other contaminants which affect the paints ability to stick to the surface. Repairing dents When repairing minor dents we removed the paint layer also but didn't go down to bare metal since the OEM primer seemed to be quite sturdier than the ones we could find in the market for the price we looked for. We used metal filler (cataloy, apploy etc...) to fill the dent and sand ed it down when it's hardened. We repeated the steps until we get a very fine surface over the dented area. Then we used a primer over the area. Removing Rust Removing rust was a tricky business. We tried to sand it down but sometimes it was not possible because of the uneven surface. In those case we used Phosphoric acid. It could dissolve rust faster. It does react with the metal too but at very slow rate. We used a tooth brush and this acid to remove rust in the places where it's difficult to sand. It doesn't burn our skin but better to you gloves when handling it. Paints & Primers. Stick to one brand of paint and primers. Don't mix different brand because sometimes because of incompatibilities of the paints they start different chemical reactions. The paint may start to bubble up after you sprayed it. It happened to us once. You could have an idea of the terminologies like 1K paint, 2K paint etc... from here http://www.eastwood.com/1k-coating-vs-2k-coatings As far as I know 2K paints are bit toxic than 1K paints. Please correct me if I am wrong. Place to the job In our case we used our garage in front of our house. It's surrounded by 4 feet walls int two sides, one side by the house and the other by the gate. We used polythene to cover the gaps from the walls to the roof so floating dust could be avoided. We also fixed a blower fan to suck the paint fumes out of the enclosure. This was quite sufficient for what we did. Weather We selected dry days to do the painting. Don't spray paints early in the morning and very late in the afternoon. Since it's bit cold during these times of the day the paint gun tend to accumulate water inside it unless you have a water filter fixed to the air hose of the gun. And don't spray paint when the paint surface is cold. It could happen in early mornings. Safety Please use a mask to cover your nose and mouth. You could buy one from a shop which sells safety equipment. Also wear a safety glass. This write up is entirely based on our experience and some information found in the internet. So don't expect it to be professional advice. I hope it might help you out. You could find lots of Youtube videos on this subject which are very helpful.
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    Keep a piece of cotton wool or a cloth soaked in coconut oil on the sap mark overnight. Wash off the next day.
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    Now car runs very smoothly and pulling power got back. Project Cost: Total project cost was around Rs.300,000/= for purchasing the engine + gearbox , shipping , clearing, engine transportation, vehicle transportation, installation donor engine and bring the car up to final stage including all costs. Cost of the work done at Volmec: (Hope this is not violate any forum rules) 1. Engine replacement LKR 18,500.00 2. Injectors cleaning and pressurizing x 4 LKR 11,200.00 3. Injector pump testing and service LKR 8,750.00 4. Re-making of wiring harness LKR 2,350.00 5. Oil seal pack x 4 LKR 12,150.00 6. Timing belt LKR 8,300.00 7. CV boot LKR 1,440.00 8. Mobil diesel oil LKR 5,600.00 9. Radiator cleaning and pressure test LKR 2,150.00 10. Diesel tank cleaning LKR 2,500.00 11. Drive belt LKR 8,500.00 12. Engine service and cleaning LKR 2,500.00 13. Oil filter LKR 1,500.00 14. Power steering oil LKR 850.00 15. Gear box oil 90W LKR 1,500.00 16. Diesel refill LKR 1,000.00 17. A/C refill and service LKR 5,500.00 18. Brake oil flush and refill LKR 3,500.00 19. Interior cleaning LKR 8,000.00 TOTAL LKR 105,790.00 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to express my heartiest thank to following gentlemen. (1) Our Moderator Supra Natural & member Crosswind for pushing me to replace a Volvo engine instead of Japanese engine and suggesting me to import used Volvo engine from UK. (2) Our Moderator The Don for finding the correct engine , arranging shipment and guiding me with all instructions. (3) Member Maersk for giving me hint about Volmec. (4) Asanga of Volmec for doing a neat and great job within a short period. Asanga also a Volvo enthusiast from his childhood and he own a Volvo S60. When the technician himself is a car lover, project flows very smoothly with caring nature. (5) All other Autolanka members whom extended me all valuable ideas, instructions and kind support thorough out the project. Volley is handed over to the original owner; my uncle and he is very happy with his pride ride back. It’s a Volvo Cheers!!! Sampath Gunasekera
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    Thanks guys. So Don is helping me to sort out this problem and hope find a good engine from UK. Had a long discussion with Don little while ago. First of all we had to sorted out the engine number code. In this car all documents including shipping documents engine code starts with "B". But it should be "D". According to the wiki. (B for Bensin (petrol/gasoline engines) or D for diesel engines for Volvo engine codes) . So physically it it should be "D" and the mistake done by Volvo at the beginning. And this engine is made by Renault. Correct engine code should be D4192T. Few things still to clarify. And thanks Don for your kind support.
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    There are no 'good guys' in car business in Sri Lanka. That much I can tell you.
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    Perhaps, AL as a community should forward these issues to the authorities in-charge of fuel stations in our country.
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    Gayanath has a valid concern with a sensible opinion. Criticizing and trying to make fun of it only reflect the pessimistic attitude of most of us which deter progression as a nation.
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    If you are buying an allion/axio etc, make sure: 1. Mileage on the odometer is about 1000km x Number of years since its manufacture (ie. if its a 7-year old car, the mileage should be 7000 km) 2. It must have multifunction, wanker mirrors. Don't buy without those. 3. It must be a first owner on the book, but its essential that the guy who sells it should not be the registered owner. There must be a signatures on the MTA-6 form, without any dates 4. It should be nicely polished 5. If its a Premio. G-Superior badge and a gold badge on the shell is a must. If its an axio, G-grade is a must 6. It should be 'company maintained' with absolutely no service records
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    Did the diagnosis reveal anything abnormal with sensor readings? Were the injectors and MAF cleaned during the tune up? Does the car idle at about 700 RPM when warm with a slightly high RPM during cold starts that gradually comes down to 700? Does the car shift gears normally without holding it in one gear for longer than normal? By the way, engine mount replacement is not part of a tune up.
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    To be honest, 300,000 for an engine replacement job is a steal (labour charges are very reasonable too). You can't replace the engine of a Japanese diesel car at this cost. A 3C engine alone would cost more than 300k. Labour and all the subsequent problems associated with a Japanese conversion would have set you back by at least 500k so I'm glad we helped make the right decision. I'm thinking of taking my Focus to Volmec if I need to get any work done. Ford Focus and Volvo s40 share the same internals (apparently about 60% of the components are shared between the two) so Asanga might be a good option. How busy is the guy?
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    Good stuff Sampath! Glad to see her get a new lease of life with the right parts. More happy that you didn't go down the path of using an engine from a Japanese car. Since you have invested in an original engine for the car with the greatest difficulty, why not use a new timing belt as kush has said above? At least get it thoroughly checked before installation. I personally would get it replaced for peace of mind. The pulleys on the old engine would have caused the belt to wear out in a certain way, so the belt might not sit perfectly on the pulleys. Highly unlikely, but just pointing it out the possibility. Also, this once again shows how amazing our community is. We have great members on the forum who would go the extra mile for others. I myself now personally know many members on the forum because we have helped each other out in good and difficult times. Kudos @The Don. Wish you were more active here. Good luck with the project Sampath! Keep this thread posted.
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    I would not take a chance with the old timing belt considering the car was idle for few years
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    Try rubbing some brasso first on a tiny scratch, if it works then rubbing compound is all you need.
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    Government health services are free even for non-citizens. This is something we can all be proud of.
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    I recently bought a Kia Picanto 2016 for my wife. Before purchasing, I compared this with Perodua Axia 2016. The build quality and the interior quality is of the Picanto is much better than the Axia. Same has 998 CC, 3 cylinder engine. The leg space in the back is not sufficient for an adult passenger in Kia Picanto if you moved the driving seat to the back most position like me and I felt leg space is in Perodua Axia is better than Picanto. Also Picanto does not have reverse sensors but Axia has. Wife loved the Picanto than Axia and she said the Axia is more like an Alto. The Picanto has a good pickup (better than March k11 as I felt) though it has a 3 cylinder engine. The car is still under 1000 km in ODO. I checked the fuel consumption using full tank to full tank method. In the moderate traffic (in Kandy), it gives 11 to 11.5 km/l, In long distance (only one round trip Kandy-Colombo-Kandy) it scored 14.5 km/l. So it is too early to check fuel economy yet but I think it will work 10 to 10.5 km/l in heavy traffic conditions in Colombo and 14 to 16 km/l in long distance depending on your driving style. I think Perodua Axia also gives similar fuel figures since you cannot do much in these traffic conditions in Colombo and Kandy (worse than Colombo) There is another option Hyundai Garand i10, which is bit expensive than Picanto but made in India. Hyundai i10 and Picanto have the same engine and gear box
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    Mix 50/50 water with white vinegar, and using a spray bottle, spray that mixture on those spots and let them "soak." Then rinse with water and repeat as necessary. If the mix of 50/50 water/vinegar mix does not work, use the distilled vinegar pure strenght on the concrete spots. Saturate a clean kitchen sponge with pure vinegar and hold the sponge over the concrete spots for a few minutes. The acid in the vinegar will help etch and dissolve the concrete. Rinse the area with water after the vinegar and then reapply wax or sealant to that area. Source : https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-remove-cement-water-stains-from-a-car
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    Here's a compilation of some clips I managed to capture at the 2017 Australian Grand Prix. This was on race day - March 26th. Crank up that volume and watch. Although Hamilton started at pole position, his pitting strategy put him behind Vettel. Highlights below:
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    Hi All, Finally manage to get what i was looking for, https://i.imgsafe.org/eea1c9e0a1.jpg 2005 LN166R in most original condition with full Toyota service history. regards JC
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    Last year, I did some research and ended up buying the TVS Wego for my short runs/errands, just like the OP. Pros- 1.External fuel inlet. So no petrol fume smell on the items kept in the under-seat storage. I got the front inside plastic panel changed to the one with cubby, which is very useful to (somewhat) securely store a few items. It was offered with the plain recessed panel, which gave more leg room but no storage. Even with the cubby, I have no issues in leg space, me being 5' 10". 2.Combi brake on the newest model. I.e both front and rear brakes are actuated simultaneously with left brake lever. So no need to balance your braking between the front and rear tires with two separate levers. 3.Tubeless tires. Also the 12' alloy wheels were larger in diameter in comparison to other scooters, which meant better ride on poor roads. Most other scooters at the time came with steel wheels. 4.Headlight was mounted on the handle bar, so you could turn the handle in the direction you are travelling in to see in the dark. On the Dio and some other models the headlight was fixed on the body and hence illumination in the dark was quite fixed to the area only in front of the scooter. 5.Digital meter console with service reminder/battery/clock/fuel level as well as Odo/speedo, which gives a feel of modern scooter than being limited to the usual speedo and fuel meter of most scooters. 6.Unlike the most other models, Wego came with a silencer which was of a narrow, rectangular design, resulting in a silencer that was not protruding outside much and looking awkward. It also contributed to the practicality of reducing the width of the scooter, enabling to be parked in narrow slots, etc. 7. I had a friend at TVS Lanka, who offered to strip the scooter and undercoat the chassis and body panels before delivery. This was very worthwhile, since the iron used on Indian vehicles tends to rust very easily. I would recommend to do this if you are buying a new scooter. 8. External body panels were metal and hence would only cause dents(slight or severe depending on impact). Whereas on most scooters, it's plastic which would crack and splitter on impact, might need replacing immediately. 9.Phone charging USB port, located inside the under seat storage. Useful but bad placement, since the phone also has to sit inside the under-seat storage when charging and zero chance of its' ringing being heard by the rider. Cons- 1. Recently getting some noise from front shocks/steering handle column when going through deep potholes. As if some bearing has gone bad. A real pain with the scooter being only 1200KMs old. Yet to take it to the agent to check. 2.Key has to be inserted to a barrel at the rear left of the seat, to open the seat or fuel lid. On the Hero Dash noticed that the same key barrel operated all utilities, which is very convenient. 3.Large seat is quite comfy and non slippery but trade off is get easily heated after being parked in the sun and unbearable to sit on. 4.TVS agents all over are not good at all and do shoddy service jobs, even with me monitoring them. I guess it's to do with the level of society that rides motorbikes/scooters where the level of care for the ride is very minimal and it has shaped the service providers in the same manner. Demanding perfectionism or even some commitment from them is dreaming too much. Not trying to demean anyone here but gone are the days where most people valued their rides and took care of them. 5.Drum brakes. Not the greatest but given the low HP, sufficient to ride safely. Honda Dio is the largest selling scooter in SL but it was somewhat basic and had a few rough edges. I heard that it's engine is the best in the market with almost no reports of issues. The Hero Dash's rear design and colour themes were a real turn off for me. But very utilitarian design with nice touches. The Yamaha Ray might look masculine and sporty but it has too much going on in the design with very little purpose. Comes with steel wheels and a silly looking rear grab rail and for the price, it wasn't worth it. I hope above is useful to the OP or anyone looking to buy a scooter. There are always new models comingin with newer better features. So better do your own market research considering your requirements and taste before deciding.
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    If you are fretting over fuel consumption then an Evo X is not for you....you will never enjoy the car to its full potential...just buy a normal Lancer. And with all due respect....may I ask what your experience with cars have been ? Do you know much about the Evo ? I ask because Evos for the most part are and have been enthusiasts' cars and they are quite remarkable machines which could be too much to handle and take care of for a novice. Also, they are not easy to come by...and seriously doubt you will find one for that budget.
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    CVTs have been some what problematic in Sri Lanka (at least by reputation) it seems. I know of Allions and Axios that have 200k++ without CVT issues in Japan. Also, it seems to be across the board..not just Allions or Toyotas. Toyotas get most of the flack because of the shear numbers and the majority of the people who buy them. With cars like the Allion and Axio the biggest problem are the people who buy them. Most of them don't care a rat's @$$ about proper maintenance and resort to the cheapest path. I am not saying that these CVTs are bullet proof but they are not as temperamental as people make them out to be. Also, even if the CVT does give problems it is not the end of the world. They have been around long enough that minor repairs can be done and if not you can always change the CVT unit (you get brand new ones, used ones and in between I have seen rebuilt ones from Japan). Just get it properly checked out....negotiate a decent price so that you can save some money for fixing the little niggles...attend to things you know are wrong..do your preemptive maintance stuff as well...and enjoy the car ! Seriously dude ! In Sri Lanka people miss a large part of buying a new car...which is enjoying the car !
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    Hi Guys, Just to let you know that I have removed the 1MB file uploading restriction in AL Gallery. That means now you guys can upload any size photos to AL Gallery. In addition to that those who are interested in maintaining your own photo collection under AL can create your own Blog and share each of the uploaded photo collections as a seperate blog post. Cheers, Madz
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    Why does the mileage scare you ? Be grateful that you found a car with an honest mileage on it. Just make sure that the proper preemptive and routine maintenance has been done thus far. Then be ready to do some pre-emptive maintenance yourself as soon as you get it (both "mileage" scheduled services as "recommended by manufacturer" as well as anything that would need to be done which might have been overlooked before or not up to par). Also, certain things might need to be replaced as soon as you get it like shocks, brake pads, etc...A high mileage car is nothing ot be scared about as along as it has been taken care of (and continues to be taken care of) Either way, go get it checked out at the agents or a third party car checking place so you would get a better understanding of what would need to be done.
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    @rcmadawala This is just a comment on the figures given in the picture in your first post. According to the figures shown INJ PULSE-B1 value is 2.7msecs and B/FUEL SCHDL value is 2.3msecs. Regardless of the conditions under which these values were logged what they imply is that actual injector pulse width is 0.4msecs (2.7-2.3) more than the expected theoretical pulse width (B/FUEL SCHDL). To me this means that the engine is running richer by 17% ((2.7-2.3)/2.3) from its theoretical base value. What puzzles me is how one can arrive at the conclusion "fuel consumption should be good" based on these two figures? BTW I leave the matter open for discussion. EDIT: One more thing - did they change the injector washers at the tune up?
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    Simple answer is thel hingannnas has invaded the local car market. Majority will buy anything with a hybrid badge these days. Recon importers dont want to get stuck with cars that will have a very small market share, also the model is fairly new so there maybe very limited cars that are being auctioned at this time.
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    Well one is a Lexus and the other is a BMW so depending on where you are at those badges make a difference Also, depending where you are at access to agent service networks would also change drastically..but you are in Cali...so shouldn't be too much of an issue. Haven't driven the new X1 (only the previous version), but the NX is actually not a bad car to drive (well a JDM variant at least...don't think the USDM variant would be nay much different). For a SUV its handling is not bad and doesn't have much body roll, etc..the interior is well put together as well. Steering feels typically Toyota-ish....it happens (mind you pretty well for a SUV) but with no feeling what-so-ever. If you get the larger and wider wheel option it helps a little bit. The Hybrid variant seems to be quicker off the mark but the engine feels quite numb when driving. The turbo charged engine on the other hand is a little bit more livelier and quite smooth. The back of the NX feels a bit dark and *dungeony' and to be honest sitting in the NX feelslike you are in a wierdly proportioned spaceship rather than a spacious SUV. I would take the NX over the PREVIOUS X1 anyday....but I hear that there are a lot of things that have improved with the new X1. Get online and go through some reviews of both cars' engines, etc...to make sure there are no horrid nightmares lurking inside. After which the choice would be obvious or a simple matter of personal preference and practicality.
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    BRIDGESTON-ED myself The Presea must be feeling all spiritual now
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    Donor engine installed and connecting of wire harness and other components are processing. Waiting photos from Asanga. Mean while I have some idea for a cosmetic modification with the grill. I always love the grill model offered in 2003-2004 over grill had with 2000 model. As per google searching, both should be in same dimension however need to check physically. 2003/2004 model is rather rare to find a specimen here.
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    Car was stationery for few years . Washed her , pumped air to all four tires and car was delivered to Volmec by a car carrier. Expected Job List (1) Removal of old engine , clean the engine bay (2) Check/clean all electrical components/systems (3) Clean and pressurize & test the injectors (4) Edited:Timing belt WILL BE REPLACED. (Before Edit: Old engine had a very new timing belt and it will fix to donor engine) (5) Radiator and water lines to be cleaned (6) Replace all necessary rubber hoses/components (7) Replace some oil seals (8) Install the donor engine (9) Replace all fluids (10) Check brake system (11) Check suspension system and if need replace required parts (12) A/C work (13) Car body - cut and polish job (14) Interior cleaning and leather treatment (15) Registration at RMV Guys, please advise me if anything I have missed here.
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    I messaged you a link. however now it is very difficult to find a good specimen. most hornets are Frankenstein s assembled illegally in sri lanka .
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    How old are you BTW? For ASC you can google. You can try and squeeze out 1000kms.... and have the engine burst a pipe and warp the engine in mid day traffic. If you are a gambling man, this is highly recommended as it is quite thrilling to see the steam come out and literally hear the engine grind to a halt. There are quite a number of 3 owners in this forum, so I would keep my opinions to myself about 3s. 3s are not a lesser BMW, it is a different model. I had a 3 myself and loved it to bits. Also the fact that you consider yourself a higher being just because you drive a 5 (your comment about parking next to your friend at work) confirms to me you bought the car for the wrong reasons. Also one of the most powerful E39s (540i) short of a M5 in Sri Lanka is currently owned and driven by a lady, so again I would keep my opinions regarding that to myself too... Again, I ask you, how old are you?
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    If you properly inspect a Vios/Axio you will see how cheap looking some things are and less attention to detail they have compared to the Mazda Axela/3. +1
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    All this contaminated petrol issues reminds me of that Tintin classic - Land of Black Gold!! At least we don't have exploding engines as in the comic to contend with...
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    Welcome to the forum. you mean the 2003-2005 Vios or the one that looks like the belta (2007 on wards>) anyways disucssed a lot on these forums. Pls do a search here are a couple of links.... basically the 2003-4 ish vios is a very solid and reliable car (as any ex-owner will agree)... I'm sorry I don't know that much about the 2007+ vios,,,
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    Welcome to the forum. If you search the forum with string bothal carb you will find a few previous posts on the subject. The term bothal carb BTW is the local jargon for variable venturi carb. Does the engine idle speed rev up at the cold start and then gradually come down after a few minutes? Can you identify the automatic choke mechanism (IACV) which is attached to the side of the carb with two coolant lines connected? If so you should be able to visually observe its operation beginning with cold start to fully warmed up by keeping an eye on its cam mechanism. Either you have an issue with IACV or you have a vacuum leak somewhere (that may be why idle returns to normal when you stop). Are all your vacuum connections in tact ie they are properly connected and not by passed or blocked? Also check if there is a vacuum leak in your brake booster (How to perform a DYI check is explained here http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/15409-break-issue/#comment-245590.)
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    Replaced my sunroof beading as well as the previous one was fouled up with compound residue and it started to pop out a bit. Looks super duper now! Managed to get some heated mirrors fitted as well. Yet to find out if they work though
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    If it is connected (and not bypassed) then it should work or you would get an oil pressure alarm. You will have to refer the issue back to those who did the overhaul and seek a solution from them.
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    Honda Fit GP1...purely because it is a nice car to drive, well put together and of your list of cars it is newer, not to mention looks a lot better IMO. If you find a well maintained car that has had proper running and pre-emptive maintenance work and servicing then it should be relatively trouble free. (I say relatively so because there is no such thing called a perfect car....every car has its quirks...can be gearbox, engine, electrical, what ever...)
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    Hi Ramesh, 1. I got this done at the famous Honda Garage in Polgolla. They are quite familiar with the engine as they have dealt with it. Further, got all scanners etc. 2. They removed the engine and totally dis-ambled. 3. only oil rings 4. I was not at the facility when the cleaning was done. Mechanic said that rings were misaligned too. I was wondering, can engine flush solve this problem?
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    I'm actually curious about what you plan to do with this knowledge? Take the fuel stations who don't comply with these regulations to courts? I just talked to a guy who works for LIOC. These are the facilities that need to be made available: Air pump - for free Customer toilets Drinking water Fire extinguisher Sand buckets First aid kit Fuel samples in bottles Fuel quantity measuring bottle Fuel quality measuring kit SO you have the information now. Please let us know your plans to fight against the evil tyranny of fuel station mafia, Mr. Rajini Kanth. (Just FYI, most fuel stations are owned by goons or politicians. The reason is if you run a fuel station business, you are entitled for gun permits.)
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    Hi Sam, Seems you too got the same problem. However, I am wondering what would really be the reason as we can drop following arguments. 1. lengthy service intervals - Though I had bit extended service intervals, it seems that in your case you maintained 5000km interval. I hope you had maintained the service interval of 6 months at least.-not related to the service interval 2. Type of oil - My case I used Honda, toyota oil and you have used Havoline - not related to the brand/type of oil. 3. Mileage - 57000 vs 87000 km: not related to the mileage By the way, it cost me Rs. 50,000 including oil change, air filter (honda Rs. 4750), oil filter. The repair cost itself Rs. 40,000.00. However, they did not replace oil rings as they were not worn. Now I am bit concerned about not replacing oil rings as this fault could be something related to a manufacturing defect of rings.
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    Regular city driving gives me around 8 km/l. Best was about 15 km/l during a long drive on the highway. Worst I've got it about 7 during an bit of an aggressive drive along a twisty road. I reckon it will be less if pushed harder, but who cares. 98 Octane is around 1.40 AUD these days. So about 160 LKR. 95 is about 140 LKR and 90 is 120 LKR approx.
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    Hybrids are like mobile phones. Technology keeps updating everyday. Therefore hybrid will become obsolete as soon as the new technology comes into play. Besides that car makers don't design cars for Sri Lankan market. They design it for countries where cars are used by general public for no more than 3 years. Go figure the impending doom on our car market.
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