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    Ok, Well noted Madz. Simply, Original Post Whoring thread - Bloemendal Post Whoring thread 2 - Meethotamulla Post Whoring thread 3 - Karadiyana
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    Guys, this time it is a ‘Mitsu’. Last weekend I sold my Perodua Viva Elite after using 6 years with 80k at odometer and shifted to well-maintained Mitsubishi Lancer CS1 GLX. I was seeking a well maintained CS2 or CS3 with Automatic Transmission for months, but was not lucky enough. Two JDM units found comparatively well but no service records and might be odometer tampered. On my way, I accidently found this 9 years old girl and could not miss her even she was a CS1. Hence settled with her within a week. This CS1 is a brand new import under permit scheme and registered in 2007 December. Previous two owners were members of the same family and had maintained her with Unit#d Mot#rs and had all service records from the beginning to up to date. (I verified service history with Unit#d Mot#rs before buying and they confirmed everything is genuine) Last owner was a lady and wonder how she looked after this vehicle. Timing belt has been replaced at 45,000km considering the time factor being 6 years. Current odometer is 92,000km. Again three Autolankans were helping me; Trinity, Davy and The Don. Specially CS experts Trinity and Davy gave me very valuable advises and kept following the project. @trinity, @Davy, @The Don Thank you all guys. Here are some photos of her.
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    We had a company car which was a FB14 a long time ago....the thing wore out pretty fast compared to the E100 Corolla we had. Although the seats were a lot more comfy and cushiony in the FB14 than in the Corolla. Every single part of the car gave issues..suspension bushes going out, water pump giving issues, unexpected oil leaks, steering components, window switches, you name it...it broke...but the car still ran (except when things like the water pump gave out) and the issues were easily sorted even in the middle of no where. At the beginning we took the car to A*W for repairs but it made no difference so we just started giving to the neighborhood baas. So yeah....the car car wore out pretty fast and still ran in illness and in health. I guess that is why quite a lot of people liked the FB14. They could have abused it quite a lot and it would still run. Which by itself is the biggest problem in buying one these days. Most of them are used and hacked to death and then quickly fixed up to look bright and shiny.
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    To add to Rumesh88's response, the lifetime of hoses depend on how well your cooling system is operating as well. For example, if the radiator cap doesn't allow for the proper controlling of pressure within the system, the excessive pressure build up might cause a hose to give way. A few other reasons I can think of, that could shorten the lifetime of hoses are the use of substandard hose clamps, improper installation and using abrasive liquids (ex: kerosene) to clean the engine compartment. But if all is well, hoses should last the lifetime of the vehicle.
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    DCT issues are not only down to maintaince. 1. it's down to the heat, these vehicles are Japanese domestic models. There are build to work in a different moatly colder temperature, thats why they hardly ever use the DCT boxes for there export models. I've read about cases in Pakistan where they used to fix Fans underneath the gearbox to cool it down. 2. In any dual clutch transmission its adviced not to crawl in traffic. It's adviced to keep a gap between the vehicles and then move forward. Which is something you cannot do in Sri lanka with our threewheelers and bikes creeping in between the space. When you crawl in traffic it puts a lot of heat on the dry clutches which cause for early wear. Anyways this could be a problem for kandy, since unlike Colombo it's always traffic any given time. Consult 'mechanics' in your area and find out and the cost of replacing clutches if they wear out. And whether it is a common issue. In kandy though I have come across many (mostly vezels) with DCT and electronic handbrake issues.
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    Yes, the Cami is the best. Now stop responding to 8 year old discussions.
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    this is the sorry state of most new doctors in the country Mate. The lack of common sense,the Ego and Thinking that their time and needs have higher priority than everyone else's.😖
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    If you are buying an allion/axio etc, make sure: 1. Mileage on the odometer is about 1000km x Number of years since its manufacture (ie. if its a 7-year old car, the mileage should be 7000 km) 2. It must have multifunction, wanker mirrors. Don't buy without those. 3. It must be a first owner on the book, but its essential that the guy who sells it should not be the registered owner. There must be a signatures on the MTA-6 form, without any dates 4. It should be nicely polished 5. If its a Premio. G-Superior badge and a gold badge on the shell is a must. If its an axio, G-grade is a must 6. It should be 'company maintained' with absolutely no service records
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    I guess manumatic means the tiptronic version. This came with CS3, 1600cc versions with later years. (Not sure it offered with CS2) Photo: 2011 CS3 brand new imported Below are the 04 meter cluster patterns I observed when I was hunting mine. This is my CS1 (brand new imported) YOM 2007 (Very common) I found few units of JDM CS2 came with this.(YOM 2007) Later brand new imports 2011-2012 UK imported versions (Fog light switch also splited in to two units for front and rear fog lights) Hope you can identify the one you saw.
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    The car should either be a CS 2 or CS3. I'm guessing it might be a CS2 as the manufacturer year is 2009 and has a different gauge cluster.There are lot of variants though. Let me brief as simply as possible. CS lancers that i know of having CVT boxes that are imported brand new to SL are as follows. 1. Lancer CS2 - Manufactured year between 2005 - Late 2006 2. Lancer CS3 - Manufactured year after 2009 to 2013 Cars fall under point No 01 came with 1500CC EFI engines with a CVT box. These cars were imported brand new and came with following options, Factory fitted body kit and spoiler, Black interior with a double din player, Retractable power mirrors, Smoked head lamps and clear tail lamps,Genuine Mitsubishi Alloy wheels. (Limited number of cars in the country - around 200 to 300 units) Cars fall under point No 02 came with 1600CC & 1800CC EFI engines with CVT box. Options of these cars cannot be generalized as above since they either had all options/features (body kit, spoiler & ect) or they came as just full option cars similar to regular CS3s in the country (Very limited numbers in the country. Maybe around 50 units) 3. Lancer CS1 & 2 Manufactured between 2007 - 2013 These cars came with 1500 CC engines with a conventional auto box. White lancers that were imported to Sri Lanka Telecom falls under this category. Most of these cars came with a different gauge cluster. It could be identified clearly as they have a orange color LED display panel to the center of the cluster indicating fuel economy/trip calculator and ODO. Believe what your friend have seen falls under point 3. About sourcing auto boxes for these models. Finding a conventional box would be easier than finding a CVT box as most JDM CS lancers came with conventional boxes. They seldom offered CVT boxes for JDMs. I was able to hook one of my friends a conventional box for 80k last year for his Cedia. Detailed out a bit cuz you have not specified what the exact model is. Hope these info helps. Cheers!
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    A radiator hose is not a maintenance item, meaning it is not meant to be replaced after a number of running kms or so many years in use. Of course the hose material deteriorate and eventually you will have to replace it one day. Cracked ends, hose bulging, softness when squeezed etc are telltale signs that it needs replacement.
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    Dear Friends, I do have a commer van under restoration and it is actually came under dodge badge. Please see some of pics. Thanks. Dinesh C
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    Nirmalg - don't buy a Focus. It does on 9km per litre. @irage.... the last thing I want is a man without common sense driving a Focus...
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    Honda officially announced three recalls for their dual clutch transmissions and all of them were for their hybrid variant which came with the Fit Hybrid and Vezel Hybrid. (Both have 7 speed i-DCD transmissions with integrated motor). I'm unaware of any recall announced for the Grace. However, if the Grace also shares this i-DCD transmission, it may have been affected. Honda suspended production of the models when the issue came up, so the resumption of production only suggests that they rectified the issue in the newer models. Also, the issue was firmware related and from what I read, was solved by applying a firmware update. Having said all that, I have seen many Honda Vezel owners complaining about transmission temperature warnings in traffic. The Sri Lankan hot climate, coupled together with how people drive in traffic (abrupt braking, sudden acceleration etc.) is extremely strenuous for any transmission - let alone a DCT. The Vezel however has a dual dry clutches which makes the situation even worse because rapid up and down shifting (in traffic) heats up the clutches and causes the transmission to throw an error. So if you have a DCT, your driving style (in this case, the entire country's driving style )also can contribute to the longevity and behaviour of the transmission.
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    No idea about the Cefiro, but am quite satisfied with my manual 407. Since 4cyl,should be more fuel efficient than the Cefiro(6cyl?) I get around 11.5kmpl city and highway(driving up to 160kmph,very stable) combined. But it seems the Auto gearbox has some issues. Peugeots are quite popular in Europe as a reliable alternative to the overpriced German luxury brands(more bang for the buck) from resale value, I think both not good since no Toyota badge.
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    1. Cefiro (I assume its post-2004 model). This advise comes from a Euro owner. If prestige is what u r after, then consider a BMW or a Merc 2. It's psychological. Has been discussed zillion times in this forum.
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    Whenever there's a question about a Lancer, or a CS to be specific, the forum lights up with helpful responses like the ones above. Kudos gentlemen, keep them coming.
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    Its a P80 series Starlet ? That would be a wheel angle meter. It was available for special spec'd cars for handicapped drivers and lady drivers. Seen those meters go for ridiculous prices on Yahoo Auctions because of its rarity
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    I used a chevrolet cruze for many years. Exact same car as swift with some cosmetic differences. It did 8 kmpl in colombo even with timely maintenance and tuneups. That was it. Dont believe anyone who claims their swift does 10-11.
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    Dear Quiet, Thanks for your comment. I do not know it resembles SPUTNIK or SOYUS control panels. I am belong to old gen who had watched "Blake's 7" on TV - may be some inspiration out of that to this project. A Commer fan also said this looks like a Spaceship - which is ideally suit for this particular model known as - Dodge Spacevan . You should have seen the wire harness of this project. We made it complete new - Main Fuse Box, separate relay box, fuse box and all wires and sockets are nicely tagged with colour coded. (if someone has genuine interest in restoring an oldie, I can do it for you better than the original) Anybody can now find electrical fault without refer any electrical schematic diagram. Dinesh
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    The thing is in SL we call both the Corolla van and the Wagon variants Corolla Wagon. If you are going for a Corolla wagon make sure that it actually is a WAGON variant by checking the model/frame code. Quite a few of the "Touring" and "Wagon" in the country are actually Corolla "van" (garden variety as OP had called it) converted with halfcuts/geddi/donor cars/what-ever you want to call it. If you find an ACTUAL "Touring wagon" then you would get ABS, PW, PS. If you go for a van variant (DX, GL) or a "commercial wagon (L, L Extra) then you would only get PS and PW for the front and some got ABS as an option. No...that would be the BZ Touring with a 1600cc 4A-GE engine. Seen only 2 actual BZ Tourings in SL and another one which is a diesel van with the body of donor BZ touring from Japan.
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    Hey guys, Got these from ebay. An armrest and set of 4 premium car mats.
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    AFIK there is no official android auto from Mazda. Probably he is getting those software's from mazda3revolution.com forum. They have all the software tweaks for free download.
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    No..as I stated before..based on the Accessories and config sheet (which I posted a link to) Memory and auto seats, seat heaters and steering heater are all options in the ProActiv range as well. So those missing DOES NOT mean it is a lower grade. Also...you need to understand what ProActiv is...S is the highest grade for the Sedan. S ProActiv is the S with the driver assist and collision avoidance package. Only other addition is they have offered accessories and options that were previously offered only in the Sport variant (which was available in the sedan 22D sedans). So yeah...for now the most expensive sedan you can get is the S ProActiv and it is kind of a transition grade whilst everything gets rolled out to other grades. Can't say about the spoiler though...could be a seasonal thing or a dealer package thing as well..so hard to say if it standard across the board or just a specialty thing..
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    Don't you think that it also could be that the 2016 models have not yet been used as much as the 2014/2015 cars for the problems to prop up ? You should check if Honda actually did any design changes or updates to its transmission (and or its associated components) in 2016.
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    Did a few things over the weekend. Managed to get a 8 button OBC and got that connected up. Made a massive difference to the interior as the original analog clocked looked totally out of place. I havent connected up the check control yet as that needs more sensors and extra wiring.
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    Well, I kept it in the car around 10 a.m. today. It nicely fits in one of the two cup holders in the front. I got the lagoona breeze as you recommended. I came to check the car around 12 noon and it smelled like heaven in here. I really like it.
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    @ajm I meant the renewal of license. I guess I misunderstood your query. You can get what you want done from most (not all, to be fair) government servants but only if you know how. Once a guy was even bold enough to give me a rate table .
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    agreed. A nicely maintained Euro or an Executive Jap car will always give you a sense of prestige no matter what the age is. Personally feel some of the older models have a bit more character than the newer ones as well
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    i think OP means that imbalance of aging/internal impedance after replacement of individual cells(brand new cells together with 10year old cells which still have some life left) cause the "repaired" battery to deteriorate faster. Like in a Pentorch, you mix a new AA battery with a not so good one,causing imbalance and power delivery issues.And there is no guarantee that he doesn't have to take the whole thing apart again in 3 months,because one of the "good" cells at the time of repair decided to go bad. In that sense it is more sensible to replace the complete thing,where all cells are newly replaced or similarly aged.
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    I think the Prius looks out of date compared to the Axio of same age. But you should focus on the battery condition,rather than which one looks better. Personally I would stay away from both,because manufacturers recommended lifetime of battery is less than 10years,operating in less harsh climate on Japan compared to ours. No non hybrid cars available,why you insist on 10 year old hybrid? If you are willing to invest additional 5-8laks on a battery,then Axio it is.
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    How did they found Diesel is substandard? Did agent test the fuel quality or just by their wisdom? Any other cars affected?
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    Given the age of the cars whatever small gain you get from the cvt might be offset if you have to replace the gearbox. CVT's gearboxes are costly and even if you can repair one it will still be more costly than an auto.
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    What I've observed is that most new vehicles come with spring type hose clamps for radiator hoses. I think they're a brilliant design because: - They're self-tightening. So lower chance of over-tightening and damaging hoses. - They have a flat surface that comes into contact with the hose, so the pressure is evenly distributed - Very easy to install and remove. Just a pair of needle nose pliers, squeeze and pull. Done! - Durable. I am yet to see one of these things break or fail. The thread in the screw type clamps are known to split after you remove and re-install them a couple of times. With these clamps however, you need to buy them matching the proper size. Because if you use a very small clamp on a hose that has a bigger diameter, the clamp will have to stretch further than it has been designed and might cause problems. Similarly, if you buy a larger clamp, it might not hold the hose in place properly.
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    @Splat Wire clamps are better than screw bands for this application as they provide an almost equal clamping force around the complete circumference of the hose because of overlapping of wires. Screw bands on the other hand has much less and uneven clamping force just under the screw.
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    How much money you have in your bank account? The 'some places' that do 'restorations' on Minis are run by highly experienced dentists... they are good at "dath galaweema"... so unless you have inordinate amounts of money to spare, don't try to get there. My best suggestion for you is buy one which has been seized by customs and auctioned off... They have genuine books. Just look out for corrosions on the body.
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    Yes...if you want all the bells and whistles then you need to go for a G or L Touring Wagon. A normal van and commercial wagons came in diesels but don't meet your requirement for the options/accessories. Finding a good Touring Wagon on the other hand is easier said than done.
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    71 Euro with shipping cost .... around 11500 LKR Here is the link
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    What is wrong with your existing hood ? Can't you get it fixed ? The meter hood of my Trueno broke in to several pieces and got it fixed by Karbon Klub and is good as new. now
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    Considering the prices of cars in Sri lanka one has to wonder why anyone pays so much to buy ANY car. With cars being expensive, driving being ruthless as it is, etc.....what is the point ? I guess we pay so much as a matter of necessity. As for the Axio...yes..the Axio is a boring car to drive (personally the export model 16x Corolla is much nicer), however it does click the boxes of most conservative car owners. For the most part it is reasonably comfortable, economical and, for what its worth, people hope it being a Toyota will take the poor maintenance and abuse quite well. As for the OPs question...if you are going to import a "brand new" car from Japan (i.e. a JDM variant) short of Mazda, quite a few of the other car manufacturers will be releasing new versions over the next 12 months...so might not be the best time to buy a car if you want the latest and the greatest. On the flip side...dealers would be giving quite good discounts on their existing stocks. Have you looked in to the Mazda 2 Sedan ? the Mazda 3 that is sold in SL seems to be quite basic and you really are not getting much of the SkyActiv suite apart from the chassis. I am presuming something like the 16x Corolla and Lancer GLX would be out of your budget these days ? the Sunny and Vios might fit your budget but...the Sunny is as exciting as eating a cucumber and the Vios has a nice nippy frame but has a rather disconnected driving feel. Going a bit off beat..how about a Ford Focus ?
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    Go for a higher capacity inverter if you can. It'll be easier to upgrade your system in the future if your inverter is capable, just add more panels. I have 2.7 Kw panels with 4 Kw inverter and I'm thinking to add more panels soon. 2 kw system will barely produce enough units for 1 12000 BTU air conditioner, everyday/night time use. My advice is to decide how many units you per month you will need additionally considering size and use of your A/C, then ask companies for the cost of suitable system for you. In that way if the system is not producing enough units as intended, you could ask them to add more panels free of charge. Friend of mine got 2panels installed FoC after 1 year because his system failed to deliver what is in the agreement. My system is designed for 300 units per month and since 2014 it is delivering average about 320 units/month. What I see from advertisements nowadays inverters and panels are much more efficient and market is very competitive so go for the best deal with most efficient inverter/panels. In 2014 CEB was pretty sure they are not paying a penny for additional units but I get to carry forward my surplus up to 10 years, to any property in my name. However It never occurred to me as my import is always higher than exports. my advice is go for a reputed company who can honor the warranty for reasonable time. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    I agree with you.Honda has a much more complicated hybrid system compared to toyota's hybrid synergy drive.Toyota's feel smooth and refined.
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    Toyota Coaster Avurudu track:
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    new honda WRV 2017 Honda WRV Specifications Petrol 1.2-litre i-VTEC Petrol Maximum Power 89bhp @ 6,000rpm Maximum Torque 110Nm @ 4,500rpm Diesel 1.5-litre i-DTEC Diesel Maximum Power 99bhp @ 3,600rpm Maximum Torque 200Nm @ 1,750rpm Transmission 5-speed Manual, 6-speed Manual & CVT Honda WRV Mileage Petrol 17.5kmpl Diesel 25.5kmpl Honda WRV Features Exterior New front grille Smoked headlamps LED with Daytime Running Lamps Plastic cladding on bumpers and wheel arches Scruff plates Roof rails Clear lens tail-lamps Interior Chrome accents on dashboard, handbrake and aircon vents New seat upholstery Long wheelbase (2.06m) Water proof floor mats
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