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  1. One of my mate paid 26 Laks for a Corolla 121 about month ago and still car is without plate. I have sold my 2010 Hilux had the intention of getting an HILUX SURF from them for 32 Laks, Now i am in a limbo with next plan.
  2. Have done this about 10 years back as below, but this is completely against the law as other members explained above. 1. Get the car 2 Chuck the tag plate 3 Remove the Rover plate from the boot, (Next to the gas tank) 4 Get a GST invoice from a parts shop for a engine included with the existing part # (I had to pay for the parts shop to give me an invoice) as they need to pay the gst to government. 5 Lodge engine number change with RMV This website or myself not taking any responsibility about this. regards JC
  3. Any of you know how much 235 x 75R x 15 BFG price in SL?
  4. This seems to be the bigger brother of Axio which is doing a fantastic job still under 10K as parents only use this if they traveling to Colombo. Lots of pull if needed and Avg showing 17 km/L but been 2.5 L engine i don't think it is that Eco but it is comfortable and powerful. I love the auto blinders at the back and cooler box (you know what i mean aye) It's worth for the money. regards JC
  5. If you talking about the Diesel get anything after 2010 which is R series engine and i have done more than 100,000km before change it by the company and had no major issues. at around 60,000 disk rotters been done in 2013 passenger side A/C controller replaced under warranty Other than that no issues at all. Check for up to date service history (This is a must) Check any DPF issues (I had no issues due to long trips on motorway) but be mind with short runs as they don't do the regeneration. R series 2.2 CRDi engine got 450NM of torque and you will feel it regards Sheran
  6. Hello Crosswind Have you heard about the power shift trans issue with the 2011 to 2015 Focus and Trend, Seems like Ausi's sue the ford regarding this. Better stay away
  7. Hello shehan874 I think with your mates you lost the spot, Why you need a 4WD? if you looking something A to B go for a car but if you want to do serious 4WD (near serious) go for the Jimny. Trust me it will follow the same tracks with LR until get stuck Cons: it is 2 door, sit's 3200 RPM at 100km 5th gear on manual also runs on bit high RPM, Bit hard to find gear box parts in SL (No issues with engine parts), ride is bit bumpy Pros: Capable 4WD, Still cheap to buy in SL compared to other models, separate transfer box, solid axle I think your mate was talking about 650 cc Jap import, please stay away from that and go for 1.3 engine and you should be all good. regards JC
  8. Keep us posted when you have the tuck regards JC
  9. Hello Shan_86 I think Mazda BT50 single cab is a better solution and one of my mate hook up with a one for 1.8M 6 months back, been a PB number you don't need special licen to drive. Bolero - you can't do safari on that mate, Animal scared of the engine noise. lol Suzuki Jimny is a beast only issue if you get stuck you are really stuck with 1.3 motor. Good Luck JC
  10. Back in SL i had few rental cars and all of them service using the Sakura product every 3000k's and never had any issues. Hard to trust BIG brands in SL unless if you "hand pick" them from the factory. In NZ i am using the FRAM filters as i am doing the oil change every 20,000 on 1kd-ftv AND EVERY 15,000 on the 1kz-te. 1KZ done 300,000+ and no oil top up between intervals. Overall i don't think Sakura is a bad product with my experience and i am getting a better deal on FRAM else i would go to Sakura here in NZ too regards JC
  11. Well said mate, Other than the safety issues, this is another go cart with "made in India" label. But always better to think of the safety ratings
  12. Spoken with a bike importer and ask to dismantle it and send with few boxes
  13. I am not registering this for road use
  14. But quad is easy to ride with tight turns, specially on a coconut land
  15. Hello All Hope all of you guys doing good, Need information about importing a Quad bike to Sri Lanka, We going to use this with in the land so don't want to register it (i am sure it not possible too) Has anyone here who had done this before? The Quad i was looking 2008 Honda TRX420 which is 420cc is this allow to import? Any tax for this Quad bikes? Thank you regards JC