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  1. gosh that Jaguar XJL & Its beat !@#$

  2. U would rather better for go ahead with 'Vitz'
  3. 2 brands as pair is no issue. can't comment on the Nex*n tyres
  4. Change int: 40 000 km oil: Only "Toyota CVT Fluid TC" (Made in Japan) quantity: most probably 3L out of 4L can.
  5. The Nature's Resort http://www.thenaturesresort.com/
  6. serenity village
  7. JJ Lanka {I PM U}
  8. don't know where people find these facts? wht are the evidences? all modern toyotas got these cvt, i-cvt gear boxes. most belta got i-cvt. timely changed oil, strictness to genuine oil & proper usage on gear box will not last it in 100k. this is applicable for all transmissions in world in general...
  9. itz jdm model "Corsa" may be another good option....
  10. apparently this is same discussion under this: http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/18096-allion-240/ Mind says "Belta", heart says "Lancer EX"
  11. best way is top up, run about 200km, top up & calculate the economy. (traditional way) on board economy meter just give a clue. based on so many parameter. correct me if i'm wrong ...
  12. as per my knowledge, no other mid sized sedan for 3.7 which he may distinguish with... is allion mid size sedan? or it too a compact sedan.. googled & found this in wikipedia too.. [class: Compact car] may be u guys more giants .. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Allion
  13. mmm... like this. It's sedan. It's newer. It's fuel efficient. it's a class behind allion certainly.... but practically, allion is too much used now... let me repeat, this is only if u don't want bells & whistles too. if u have enough money, ya you can go for Axio new generation, Mazda 6 or anything you wan't too. I gave my answer becoz he had Q regarding his decision. Else go & buy allion. no worries.
  14. it's a good car but too old to pay too much .... A Belta would be a good substitute. [Even non JDM Yaris] But if you want more "bells & whistles"; Lancer EX, FD, Axela n Mazda 3 ...
  15. am i the only one who see this much of nissan leafs that accident faced in my daily life....

    1. sathyajithj99


      Electric slide lol

    2. matroska


      you many leaves met with accidents? maybe people get over excited by the excellent pick up ...

      I know a lady who fell asleep (maybe too quiet ) and ran her leaf  into a lamp post luckily no injuries.

    3. ghostwriter


      what would the plural noun of Nissan leaf be, "leafs" or "leaves" :o