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  1. Again the same question as others above - why do you want to replace the caliper? Unless it has sustained a serious mechanical damage to it, you should be able to get it repaired with a repair kit. While you are searching for the whole caliper why not ask for the repair kit?
  2. Welcome to the forum! You need to narrow your criteria down a bit, at least with the budget you have in mind. Meanwhile you can read
  3. @evin You could have asked this question in the same thread that you had already on your car. Now you can request mods to merge topics. As @matroska has pointed out (and in addition to info he requested) please provide more details like whether it happens randomly or when the engine is cold, when it starts with a cold engine whether the engine RPM goes up and slowly comes down, what you did to get the car started after those two failed attempts, any Check Engine Light (CEL) indication on the dashboard, any idea if a tune up has been done recently etc..
  4. I had VVT set ups in both a 121 - a daily runner for 6 years, and a SCP10 as a second car. Although we call it a filter, it is just is a flimsy metal screen. I used to clean the OCV filters once in a couple of years in both cars but never thought of replacing them. In the manuals I have come across so far it has not been identified as a regular maintenance item. In fact one must be very careful when re-installing the filter to avoid damage to it - something I wouldn't trust in the hands of most local mechs. (The correct procedure is to insert the filter to the Allen key head first and then insert both to the engine block). A partially clogged filter would NOT reduce the STATIC oil pressure but will reduce the flow rate to the VVT vanes thus giving you a slower response to the required change. (If it is totally clogged up it would definitely generate a CEL). Hence it is worthwhile for OP to look into it along with a check on the fuel pressure as well.
  5. Another thing, did they remove/clean/replace OCV filter? I'm just trying to eliminate other possibilities that the tune up guys may have over looked.
  6. Did you show them the part? Unless it is a frequently moving part it would be difficult find the part otherwise.
  7. Did you tell them of the problem when you handed over the car for tune up? If you did but they did not scan it means they have not done the job properly. BTW did they replace injector washers during tune up?
  8. Think of the difficulties of finding a place in Colombo. Not only you will not be permitted to extend your ghetto blasters into wee hours of morning but how difficult would it be to find parking spaces for participants. You best shot is to find a place near Kaduwela. BTW are you into enacting a scene from The Da Vinci Code with masked members of a cult?
  9. Question is not about what you said but what OP implied - something only OP can clarify.
  10. I got the feeling that OP implied by the phrase "will that be OK" was to ask for the use of engine oil in differentials? (I could be wrong though). In that case the answer should be NO.
  11. Well if it is the battery life and the replacement cost you mean here, you can find replacement battery sets and individual cells as used parts now. So the risk is under control.
  12. No The car I referred to here is not mine but I helped the owner to solve a few issues with it. I do not have much idea on the market value but for all I know it is a comfy drive.
  13. In addition to eBay you can easily find spares from scrap yards in Australia if you have a friend (I recently got down a fuel pump assy). Engine (1.6L Zetec-S/Duratec) and transmission (Ford 4F27E or Mazda FN4A-EL) parts are interchangeable with Mazda. They are freely available.
  14. If it is a Toyota I can give you a contact in Moratuwa area. If interested please send me a PM.