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  1. How is your CEL indication? Does it really indicate a fault when there is one? Subject to your CEL is working the knock can be either due to a worn out TPS sensor or wrong throttle adjustment. Does it happen on cold start and when the engine revs are high? or only when the engine is warm?
  2. It could be due to missing "anti-squealing shims" or stuck guide pins (or the piston) as well. You can get someone to remove the guide pins, clean and lubricate them. If the guide pin rubber boots are bad replace them too. Also make sure the piston is freely moving and its boot is intact.
  3. Whether it is a 2014 or 2016 model DCT has a Dual Clutch made to engage and disengage as and when it demands. The clutch wears out whenever this happens particularly so in Sri Lankan traffic. If you take a Toyota hybrid of the same range the transmission technology is different and more reliable than a DCT, but it will not give you the same driving pleasure and performance. As the technology stands today you cannot get the best of both worlds. So the choice is yours.
  4. Notwithstanding whatever it says on depreciation in small print, the basic insurance principle is to restore the value of the insured article to its value before the accident.Obviously a duplicate one will have a major impact on the resale value of the car. If a recon one is available at let's say 50% of the value of a new windscreen insurer cannot find a ground to refuse such claim. Did you try at the Kalutara place?
  5. Yes possible although the price seems a bit too good to be true. But did you ask them if it was original? These duplicates will not give you the same visibility and safety as the original one. Better if you can find an used original with the same markings as your existing one because apart from the quality issues, when you try to sell your car in future the buyers will bargain for the price arguing that you have a duplicate windscreen.
  6. For starters try with the agent. Get the correct part number of the thermostat for your car model by searching against the chassis number in online sites like, etc. A quick online search gives the part number as 21200AX000 but just reconfirm. With part number in hand you can either search the local market (genuine?) or order online.
  7. That's the makabass way of circumventing radiator/fan issues. Have an original thermostat installed because it is there for a reason.
  8. Was your EGR valve inspected and cleaned during the last tune up? If not I would do that first. Just blindly doing a tune up/clean up will not help in your case (because according to you the car runs normal once warmed up). When the plugs are removed for inspection make sure you identify the cylinder numbers and if two plugs,say 1 and 4 or 2 and 3 shows more deposits than the other two it could be a sign of a bad coil pack shared by the respective plugs.
  9. Does the engine rev up above say, 1200 RPM at cold start? If it is "miss firing" I suggest you begin the diagnosis by inspecting the spark plugs for possible differences in color and/or deposits on the tip.
  10. I can't help but watch with envy whenever the two Lancers - one a well maintained 11 Sri A172 and another a CS1 - pass in front of my house everyday. Both are so quiet and smooth. Congrats Sampath!
  11. Happy Birthday Sampath!
  12. Many happy returns of the day @trinity
  13. Welcome to the forum! Yes, it is normal as the engine wears it tends to consume oil and you may have to shift to a thicker oil at some point. However, you have not mentioned the oil changing interval but assuming it is 5000km or 6 months whichever comes first, two cross marks of oil consumption is not alarming. First make sure your PCV is working properly or get it cleaned if not done recently. Another thing to note is that Toyota does not produce their own oil but re-brand the produce from another specialized manufacturer. When I had my 121 with a mileage similar to yours I used M*b*l 15W-40.
  14. Also check with Kalutra Windscreen Center. All you need is to tell them the story. If they have the part they will do the rest with your insurer. All you need is to go there and get it fixed. I know someone who did it for his GP5 recently.
  15. Someone must have over-tightened the bolts. Otherwise it is somewhat unlikely that these bolts become so tightened because you do not need much clamping force to hold the throttle body. However, for the stud option first check on the bottom side of the intake side flange if the area around the threaded hole is flat enough to fully seat a 12mm bolt head. If so you can insert a 12mm bolt of a length just sufficient to fully thread in a 12mm nut from the other side along with an internal tooth lock washer on the bolt side and a lock washer on the throttle body side. Make sure all the bolts can be tightened all the way because access to the bolt head could be an issue here. If all is well (ie stud alignment and their height mainly) you can install the bolts with thread seal or an epoxy glue to lock them permanently. However this is the easiest approach but it assumes that the threaded holes are reasonably intact and bolts can be inserted from the bottom. Otherwise, you will need the help of a machine shop but the exact approach depends on the condition of the threads, flange thickness etc. If it is just one hole having the issue you can try using a slightly longer bolt and locking it with a nut from the bottom.