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  1. Sounds like you get blow-by fumes into your air filter through the breather tube. Breather tube is the hose connected to air passage after the filter but before the throttle mechanism. If you can pull it out safely while the engine is running idle you should notice a change in the "pop up" sound. If so, get your PCV removed/checked/cleaned or if found faulty replaced.
  2. If the manufacturer recommends SP III then go for the same. Others like Valvoline Maxlife (even Dexron III) are said to be equivalents but will void the manufacturer's warranty.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Did someone tell you that your car should do 13-14kmpl in traffic or is it your own experience? I used a 121 as my daily runner for 6 years(2008 - 2014) and it never did 13-14kmpl even in mixed driving. However if you are convinced of poor fuel efficiency then first go for a tune up ie. a clean up of the throttle body, MAF sensor, injectors, PCV, OCV filter, etc., and replacement of air filter, spark plugs, injector washers and fuel filter (after inspection) followed by a system scan. Also make sure you transmission is properly maintained and the gears change at the correct RPM. What is mileage of the car, I mean according to odometer? As for lube, the figure 40 gives you the viscosity and DS40 is a lube for diesel vehicles. For light cars a thinner grade like SAE 20 or 30 or even 40 (if the engine is worn) is recommended while for heavy vehicles it can be 40 or above. Viscosity depends on the mechanical clearance of moving parts.
  4. ELM327 supports only OBD II protocols. Just a conversion cable is of no use here unless the scanner supports OBD I.
  5. Someone must have changed the wiring so that both fans work together. Do you have a overheating problem say when you go uphill? Whoever did the wiring change must have done it to circumvent an overheating problem. First try to sort that out before attempting to normalize wiring.
  6. What exactly do you mean by a "pop up noise". Does your car vibrate (as if the engine is about to stall or a coughing sound from exhaust)? What's your idle RPM is like when the engine is cold and fully warmed up? When was the last time you did a tune up?
  7. You mean you could unscrew the bolt but couldn't remove the wipers off the spline. If so as Davy said above lift the wiper completely off in perpendicular position and with a light hammer and a wooden block tap (lightly but repeatedly) from the above on the wiper arm all around the spline. Hold the wiper by the end of the arm and rock it to and fro to break off any oxide built up inside the spline. If all this fails you will have to do some improvisation on a bearing puller.
  8. @amindam you could have asked the guy to open it up and check. The motor inside the mirror is a brush type DC motor and if left to run continuously it my reach its service life soon. So better get it opened up a issue sorted. @C Perera If you are referring to the common issue of Axio and Aqua power mirrors failing to operate when parked under the sun, it has been discussed a few times, for example in You've got to live with it. I know I do .
  9. The above specs of individual LEDs shows 3W as an absolute maximum rating at 25C ambient temp. So the actual consumption is always less than that and the figure 72W (3W x 24) in the lamp spec sheet does not make much sense. In fact if you are comparing lighting power of LEDs or LED based lamps you should always compare the luminous flux (lm) rating and the 50% power angle/beam width.
  10. No it is not the consumption. In fact this 72 watt power rating is something like the RMS power to peak power to Peak Musical Power Output (PMPO) ratings used in audio power amplifiers. So the audio amp manufacturers quoted for the same 10W RMS amp and figures of 20W peak or 40W PMPO just to impress their customers. If I may explain in a simplified model, let's say I use a 100W incandescent lamp with a beam width of 360 degrees to get a certain level of luminous intensity (measured in candela or cd). Now if I use a perfect reflector to reduce the beam width to 180 degrees the luminous intensity doubles. Then I can use a 50 watt lamp and say I have a light source of 100W equivalent power with a beam width of 180.
  11. Well according to the specs the light has switch mode regulator built into it to take care of the LED current. All you need is just connect it to either a 12V or a 24V system.
  12. @leeferjim Welcometo the forum. Your type of carbs and their issues/solutions (4G13 and 4G15) has been discussed before in following threads. If you can spare sometime to go through the above threads they will give you a few insights and some precautions to be taken when disassembling the carb etc. For starters check if the carb piston can move freely on its liner bearing all the way out (ie on full throttle). Post your observations here.
  13. @pragashonlink You are posting under a totally unrelated topic. Did the mechanic open up the alternator and decided or decide by just looking from outside. If it is the latter then he is out to make a fast buck. If so, take the car to a auto electrician specialized in alternators. Usually the alternators can be repaired by replacing the brushes and/or the regulator/diode plate. Replace the bearings too when you are at it.
  14. Yes first test it and replace soon because it can completely fail at anytime. TPS is the simplest sensor of them all to test but knowing its mechanism I do not advise to replace this part with a recon one. The cost must be just above 10k at the agents but a new original part can be ordered from online suppliers like for almost half that price assuming you are not charged any duty (for a single part they do not bother to charge duty usually).
  15. @Sam B Use of 10W30 instead of 0W20 will only make a very marginal difference in fuel consumption which can be simply ignored. But what is the logic behind switching to a higher viscosity? Perhaps it could be that the agent simply doesn't want to take a chance. Well you need to understand their predicament too. They must be getting quite a number of similar cases and in some cases there can be ring or cylinder wear but not that serious enough to warrant a complete overhaul. So as a general rule they must have taken a decision to switch to a higher viscosity grade whenever they do this type of repair. That is understandable because in case if they fail even one case out of ten they get a bad reputation. I'm sure you know what social media can do these days .