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  1. From my experience, Euro diesel's are more reliable than their petrol counterparts. Higher Torque No engine oil consumption as petrol vehicles Disadvantages Since these cars are permit imports lesser number of options compaired to petrol version. Timing belt has to be replaced at 60K or in five years.
  2. Never visit auto miraj. it is just a glorified makbass spot. where so called advisers don't know shit about vehicles. Do search in the viva elites where I have mentioned the entire cost.
  3. If you maintain it properly it will not trouble you.
  4. There was a 2011 diesel A4 for around 6.0M couple of months back also a high mileage petrol for 5.8M.
  5. Am I the only person facing a difficulty of understanding the accent of the presenter.
  6. Small correction. 100,000km or every five years.
  7. yes exactly most of the bikes are messed when illegally imported to sri lanka and rest messed by our local mechanics trying to make four carb setup more fuel efficient.
  8. I messaged you a link. however now it is very difficult to find a good specimen. most hornets are Frankenstein s assembled illegally in sri lanka .
  9. speed limits are inappropriate considering current vehicles and road conditions. when imposing speed limits enforcers have to consider the road condition and vehicle status rather than hiding behind bana trees in a very clear straight of a road and fining drivers travelling at 75 kmph. I have seen many D*MO battas travelling 100kmph in southern expressway. Is it a safe speed for such a primitive vehicle?
  10. Most of the rules yes. most frequent violation is speeding.
  11. Can somebody please confirm what is the Engine (SD4 or TD4) came with the permit version?
  12. Who installed the alarm system? Does he have any experience in 406 BSI system.
  13. There cant be any free movement of the brake paddle when you exhaust the servo. is it drum or disk brake? if its drum try adjusting brake at the slave and do a proper bleeding.
  14. We have a good move, ABS and Air Bags will be compulsory. this will effect majority of substandard Indian bullock carts imported to sri lanka. There might be a price increase in small car segment because cheapest brand new ABS and Air Bag equipped car will cost more than 3.0M
  15. yes. Car is five years old so you have to replace the T-belt.