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  1. Good explanation. I have seen this guys videos on the SLTV page, no offense but I think its about time that he installed a proper dash cam instead of a Hikvision CCTV on his truck.
  2. Even the expensive ones are booked, I had to shift my trip to March because of unavailability
  3. 98 Acres - Ella not cheap and not close but has amazing views of mountains and ella gap, I'm heading there next month,
  4. Yeah my bad should've posted this on the Post Whoring thread. Got the two threads mixed up.
  5. Got this from FB. Legal or not this looks damn cool. Maybe @Schiffer knows more about this car.
  6. Wouldn't the system automatically shutdown if the cooling system is malfunctioning or overheating?
  7. For me LDA worked very well from the beginning, it worked so well that it started to annoy me
  8. Wishing all fellow autolankans a wonderful new year and a great motoring year, drive safe!
  9. Deep Water Horizon one of the best films I've recently watched, based on a true story.
  10. Here is the prices I've got: 1800cc Hybrid G = 11.5m, Hybrid S = 11m 1200cc Turbo G = 9.5m, Turbo S = 8.9m Admins please remove this post if against forum rules.
  11. Just watched Mechanic: Resurrection one of the worst movie of Jason Statham. Is Hollywood really out of ideas?
  12. So what the heck are full sized sedans?
  13. Agree with @sathyajithj99 its basically the same car with few cosmetic difference. You will feel that the car is under powered if you try a sudden acceleration when you are in Eco mode. I have driven with 4 people and luggage with Eco mode off and I haven't felt much of a difference in acceleration. You'll have to floor it though to get something out of it Do keep in mind that this car is designed to be a boring econo box so don't expect much performance except fuel figures.
  14. Completely agree with @The Stig and @Davy I'm surprised that they haven't touched your connection all this time. My office faced the same issue 3-4 years back and we simply got it converted to a Web Pro package. To be honest the new packages are not bad at all.
  15. Apart from the appearance I think both are same mechanically. Interior is almost the same, options and features are almost the same. Both will have almost same fuel figures. But here in Sri Lanka, the Premio seems to have a better market value than the Aliion.