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  1. Whats the best route to Ella from Colombo?

    1. sathyajithj99


      Colombo- Ratnapura-Balangoda-Haputale-Bandarawela-Kumbalwela-Ella is the best route.

      Or from Beragala-Koslanda-Wellawaya-Ella

    2. asrock


      Thanks machan yes I'm going to take the route via Bandarawela. How is the road condition up to Ella? I can remember the stretch near Ella was under construction some time back.

    3. sathyajithj99


      I traveled there a month back machan. The road construction was completed. Only the white lines were not drawn.

      Maybe by now that's also done.

  2. Maybe because it takes time to calculate and update the speed via the GPS.
  3. aapo you should have kept her photo
  4. Madz Probably changed it. I used to get the overturned Mercedes but now I get the pink Passo. But why a Passo??
  5. Good explanation. I have seen this guys videos on the SLTV page, no offense but I think its about time that he installed a proper dash cam instead of a Hikvision CCTV on his truck.
  6. Even the expensive ones are booked, I had to shift my trip to March because of unavailability
  7. 98 Acres - Ella not cheap and not close but has amazing views of mountains and ella gap, I'm heading there next month,
  8. Yeah my bad should've posted this on the Post Whoring thread. Got the two threads mixed up.
  9. Got this from FB. Legal or not this looks damn cool. Maybe @Schiffer knows more about this car.
  10. Wouldn't the system automatically shutdown if the cooling system is malfunctioning or overheating?
  11. For me LDA worked very well from the beginning, it worked so well that it started to annoy me
  12. Wishing all fellow autolankans a wonderful new year and a great motoring year, drive safe!
  13. Deep Water Horizon one of the best films I've recently watched, based on a true story.
  14. Here is the prices I've got: 1800cc Hybrid G = 11.5m, Hybrid S = 11m 1200cc Turbo G = 9.5m, Turbo S = 8.9m Admins please remove this post if against forum rules.
  15. Just watched Mechanic: Resurrection one of the worst movie of Jason Statham. Is Hollywood really out of ideas?