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  1. yeah in that go for a Nissan PRESEA... Highly recommend!
  2. I also have a kenwood setup. From the SRC menu button you should select the BT AUDIO option. If not check really if that specific model has bluetooth option available.
  3. ohhh right, okay thanks rumesh
  4. ohhhh got it, thanks for the explanation rumesh I found this jumper on ebay, which can be fitted into the ciggerette lighter... do you recommend this?
  5. so the jumper cables should be fixed into a meter board or some kind of a gajet to get the power right? does it come with the jumper cables? whats the difference between the jumper cables and the jumper kit?
  6. Hi Guys, I'm planning to buy a jumper cable from ebay or somewhere, so I just want to know how to check a suitable jumper cable for purchase.. its not only the cable i have to buy yes, and how to select the unit etc.? cuz there are jumper kits in that quick site for various prices... any advice on how to select a jumper kit?
  7. Are there any BMW’s, Jaguar’s or Audi Models in Sri Lanka with frameless windows where the manufacture year is between 2000 to 2005? Gotta start deciding what to buy next

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    2. ajm


      Alfa Romeo GT


    3. terrabytetango


      There is like one Alfa GT in Sri Lanka I think.

    4. PreseaLover


      Not a fan of alfa's

  8. I use california scents spray.. its easy, cuz you can spray it only when you want.. I've been using the can for over an year now.. and yes ebay doesnt ship spray bottles, so i get them down if a friend goes to aussie or usa
  9. Around 1 HORSE year
  10. Got my car back wooooooohooooooo :D its back to how it was before... Boooooyaaaah!!!!!

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    2. asrock


      Damn! you ok?

    3. matroska


      good to hear!!! Drive Safe man. 

    4. PreseaLover


      thanks matro :)

  11. So j********i deducted 2500/- Rs. + VAT from my insurance claim and I had to pay 3k+ from my hand because they said if the vehicle is more than 10 years old, they deduct this amount from every claim.. does every insurance company do this? 

    1. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      yup. some buggers tell u to pay a percentage even for smaller claims. But I feel it's a scam. Full insurance should mean full payment, shouldn't it?

    2. Jor-el


      c******o doesn't do that AFAIK

    3. Seeker LK

      Seeker LK

      for my 120,000 windscreen change quoted for TL, same buggers said they can only pay 40K, and I had to pay 80K form my hand, since my car is 10 years old.. sigh! :wacko:

  12. Mr. Paint keeps delaying my car's painting process.. for over a week now, and still they haven't started painting it.. How can I reach a top manager of Mr. Paint to complain about their normal managers? 

    1. sathyajithj99


      Complain to Mrs. Paint. Then she will keep nagging him until the job is done.

    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Those guys are known for that  But their work is ok. We have done some work on our FD1

  13. Anyone know a place or someone where I can rent an automatic sedan for a week or two for around 1500 per day? 

  14. happy birthday machan
  15. Crashed myself into a Container last night while attending a funeral... Bonnet gone, both fenders gone and driving door is also gone.. 1st ever accident of my life.. Hope Mr. Paint will bring it back to life.. Life goes on! 

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    2. Jor-el


      In case of such accidents, is replacing damaged body parts feasible than trying to repair them (since insurance company pays the repair bill ) ? 


    3. PreseaLover


      2 fenders will be replaced.. the bonnet can be repaird its nothing major to it.. door only paint and needs to be balanced..

    4. USJP-Gabba


      the feeling just after something like this is horrible... CTB ramped on my car on my way to freaking sell it....... life goes on as u said............