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  1. the 2005 one also looks like the first pic.. engine wise there are no problems to mention though.. just the cheap interior and comfort is the concern.. but not all the 2003-2005 vios's has that side buffers..
  2. yeah im talking about the sports edition, with side squirts rear and front buffer with fogs and silver trimmings over the lights.. but old vios or new vios the interior is the same so
  3. all vios's are same shape noh? i dont see a difference... matroska is there a difference in shape?
  4. interior is not that strong machan.. My father has a vios (2005-2009).. there are many cracks due to the cheap interior panels.. even the seat belt piller in the passenger side broke into pieces.. you can hear the engine noise when you accelerate.. not comfortable at all
  5. ah ok thanks
  6. Guys, to be in the safest side, how often should I change transmission oil?
  7. for 16 he can get a 95-97 model Presea.. right now a good crystal light model goes for about 18-17 laks.. but if properly persuade he might get lucky
  8. Patiently waiting until he mention the words "sedan", "sporty looking" etc.
  9. Finally found the piece after searching all around the world.. The Nissan Fairlady 280zx's Door Courtesy light is a direct fit for the broken courtersy light of the Presea door... Overjoyed! 

  10. fan here..watched all of these.. you missed the RESOVOIR DOGS And also the movie Snitch
  11. Today while driving a huge ass spider came onto the windscreen from the outside and travelled up the roof.. After few seconds he came onto the shutter and the dissapeard again.. I didn't stop and drove... I have a huge phobia for spiders and I freak out.. Now I'm afraid if the spider crawled into somewhere and he might get a chance to come inside the car from any place... So do you guys know if this spider has a possibility to get into the interior of the car from somewhere? like onto the seats or the dashboard ?  

    1. matroska


      It's actually a she and will lay eggs in your digestive tract..... hahaha

      But on a serious note : Well yes it CAN get inside your car. 

    2. PreseaLover


      Washed the car. No sign of him. Maybe he went away :D

  12. Didn't want to open a new thread for this question, since its related to chrome paint. My silver beadings are a bit faded and discoloured due to it having a visor previously, since i removed the visor when I bought the car, the stain marks are still there and cannot be removed as its deeply carved into the silver beading. So I pasted one of those chrome beadings from ebay, but after a year now the ebay beadings are getting cracked, so I was thinking to use a chrome paint for the original discoloured silver beading.. So has anyone used the MIRROR CHROME AEROSOL paint? Will it be a good option to paint my silver beadings with these? since using the sprays are risky due to the fact that the beadings are thinner, is there any recommended chrome marker or a small paint tube or something I can use to do this myself?
  13. I tried networx but it doesnt show the accurate off peak volume.. even the off peak ones are added to the peak ones.. a few MB's are shown in the off peak whilst i downloaded around 10gb in the offpeak
  14. So I bought the Bell4G connection and used for a month.. so far nothing to complain.. However I wanna know if there any software or anything to track the On and OFF Peak data downloads... If i login to their site I can see the total downloaded amount in the statistics, but it doesnt segregate the amount i have downloaded for on peak and off peak hours.. so is there any way i can find it?
  15. I was out in the morning on a ride in my car,
    I hadn't driven very far,
    There in the middle of the road ahead,
    A man was drunk, and he jumped to his death.

    I couldn't stop, so I swerved to the left,
    Round and around the car spun instead,
    With the screaming tires, and a truck behind,
    For a moment I thought, it was the End.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. PreseaLover


      both are fine :) i got a cramp in my leg though, i was cruising at around 80.. to cars (premio and axio) behind me came head on while the car was spinning around like a merry-go-round in the middle of the road and stopped very close to my car.. for a moment when i saw them coming my way, I just thought, this is the end

    3. asrock


      You sure you didn't had shots too many?

    4. PreseaLover


      No no I wasn't drunk