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  1. as far as I know machan i had the same thing in my previous car... i was also told to replace the windscreen itself and there is no alternative to patch it up.. but lets see if someone else in this forum has an alternative..
  2. I think you will have to replace the entire windscreen right? if that's the case, Samarasinghe Windscreen does a good job as far as I know..
  3. Last night's car dream was somewhat different... someone tried robbing my car, I got into the back seat and strangled his neck with a grippy barbed wire.. years go by and another guy tries to steal my car, and i do the same to him.. later police investigates it links the two murders, since it was the same M.O and same killing pattern they name me as the 'Presea Killer'.. the search continues for me.. catch me if you can! 

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    2. Kavvz


      lol !! This guy!


    3. Jor-el


      How come the police knew the murders were done in a Presea?

    4. PreseaLover


      I don't know... you cant explain what and how, in dreams noh... you just only see them :P

  4. I found a place in kahatuduwa.. I can't remember the name, a friend booked... lovely view its a bunglow... 3k per person...
  5. So I've got a problem with bluehost.. recently tried to revamp the page and the theme got messed up so needed to restore it.. however paid a 20$ and got the restoring option however couldnt do it, so contacted bluehost and they said they will do the restoring for me... however for over 4 days over 7 times I have been addressing them the issue over the bluehost live chat and everytime they say they have added to the high priority queue and will solve it so they will restore a backup in few hours, however still the chat guys says the same thing... im clueless as to what to do now... anyone experienced this before?.. in this case what should i do, as they seem to never fix this issue ?
  6. I never give my car to car wash dude's.. i take the key out so whenever they need to move the car they have to come to me and I say 'nah let me move it for ya'.. even when vacumming, i never let the dudes touch the dashboard, not even wipe it.. i go home and wipe it myself, its just the dust i get rid of in the carpets by vacuuming also..
  7. lol cheap one's are all booked... im wondering whether the whole sri lanka is on vacation on that week because not a single place is available..
  8. I also love to go to ella.. but few in the gang doesnt like because its too far for a 2 day trip...
  9. ahhh ok thanks will check em
  10. its for the 11th and 12th Feb plus its not for just a couple.. 4 girls and 3 boys sure do recommend
  11. ok thanks will check these
  12. its already booked machan... by budget it like 12k max for the room Need a pool also... Better if the bunglow is haunted
  13. Hi All.. I'm looking for a Closest (to colombo) Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel to chill for one night and day... apart from kitual kanda and that mathugama place.. whats the next best closest place with a mountain view ? I'm ok to go upto like 125kms...
  14. Ah right, noted machan thanks for the info
  15. Yes, yeah the paypal account created in another country is clear... however payoneer you can create the account in your name itself and link paypal and payoneer right... that doesnt need to be under his name yeah? and also do i have to create a normal paypal account or a paypal business account?