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  1. my right ear hears less than the left ear anyway.. figured that out cuz my favourite ear to take keep the phone when i get a call is my left ear, cuz when i keep it in my right ear, i dont hear like how i hear in my left ear Ahhhhhh right right, now i get it
  2. haha... when i bought the car it already had linglong so i didnt have a choice however i didn't know that a thing called road noise existed until i read this thread, because i don't notice such road noise kinda thing...when i accelerate all what I hear is the soft engine noise.. usually my radio volume is also 7 or 8... so after reading the thread i paid extra attention but still cant hear such noise... so maybe after i replace tyres i will check again and see about this noise you guys are talking about...
  3. Nice.. Anyone have experience with Michellin though? haven't heard much comments on it..
  4. so how long did the bridgestone last? So some who have used both says bridgestone is better, and some says good year is better... imaginations running riots now for me
  5. There is an entire Presea with 46k mileage listed on Yahoo auctions for just 100k yen... I just can't.. breathe! 

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    2. PreseaLover


      yes all glory to you iRage.. all glory to you... all of it :P You guys this is irage's fault :P

    3. iRage


      They wouldn't see it as a fault...they would see it as a public service ! :D

    4. PreseaLover


      well then your duty on earth has been done! :D

  6. wahaha I know... drove only 12k with these tyres..
  7. From where did you buy?
  8. Oh ok thanks Davy. Checked with 2 places.. Bridgestone 14inch goes for 11.5k now
  9. This is my tyre... does it need a replacement? All 4 tyres are like this... the alginments are never ok, and the alignment places told to replace tyre as it is worn off.. is it? if so how long can I run with these?
  10. wahahahahahahaha you never fail to make me laugh
  11. wahahahahahah I was wondering the same So no you are not alone
  12. i dont know the exact price. haven't used bridgestone before.. heard it should be 13k or something... I just wanna put some good genuine europian high quality tyres
  13. nope 13k or something
  14. I just called the fellows... the trye is Rs. 17500/- with the discount its going for 10k+ something.. I'd rather put Michellin or something