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  1. Hey guys, Has anyone of you tried to modify the MZD system? by that i mean, have you tried to install android auto or something like that to your system? I have seen some videos on YT, it actually looks interesting.
  2. Thanks for the info, but it's not "Skyactive" it's just "Skyactiv"
  3. Yes machan I agree with that. This mazda 2 hatch comes with a shark fin.
  4. Thanks Mate. She definitely needs a spoiler, it will make her ass looks freaking awesome, but do not get the sharkfinn, nowadays even Marutis have those sharkfinns. Have you tried Mazna motors?
  5. Hey Supra, Thanks mate. Well, it's a long story man, I was going to buy the sedan but unfortunately i couldn't find it, CM only had the hatch at 5.7mn, so that was the only option i had to go with, back in July last year, but now i am glad i got this instead of the sedan. A great car and quite impressed with its performance actually. Dude I had the same issue, it was really annoying as hell, as you said the issue was from the top mounts of the shocks, they replaced them and everything seems to be fine at the moment will see how it goes. I have done about 10,000 KM. Were did you get the new tyres from ? Did you install a reverse camera and the navigation system ? I am planning to buy some stuff for it from ebay. Original floor mats, ecc... Mate your car looks great, nice colour too. I will definitely join the club.
  6. Thanks Machan! Yes these new mazdas are freaking awesome
  7. Hey guys, Here is my baby, I have been using it for like 6 months, it's a great car, bought it from CM.
  8. Red one looks great, but i'm gonna go with Metropolitan grey yes true that, 2 and 3/axela look same but 6 is huge.
  9. great news, which colour was it ? early last year ? that means 2014? This is a new car which C M T has introduced in july this year here in Sri Lanka then what happened ?
  10. Ok cool, Good luck mate!
  11. + Luxury taxes :/ where did you order it from ?
  12. Yes supra, i saw your thread, yours looks beautiful, great colour, is that "metropolitan grey" ? because i'm gonna get the same colour Any thoughts about this new Mazda 2 ??
  13. Thanks mate 6M is way out of my budget otherwise i would have gone for a slightly used Mazda 6. Mazda 3 - 5.7M at the moment, the only issue is, it does NOT come with SkyActive tech. Yes it looks great, i have watched so many reviews on youtube as well, interior looks great and i really like the kodo design, even though it's a subcompact sedan it's fine. no issues at all with that. and the other thing is the all new mazda 2 has two types of head lights ( Asian market - HID halogen head lights which sucks, European market - LED projector headlamps these look great) so i will have to replace those HID halogen head lights with LED projector headlamps wish i had a car permit
  14. Hey folks, Good day to all of you, so let me start with this first, i'm planing to buy a new car around 5mil. Initially i wanted to buy the all new Mazda 3 and colonial motors only has it with 1.6cc engine (This one doesn't come with skyactive engine). I'm keen about this new skyactive engine so they offered me the all new Mazda 2 Sedan with skyactive engine, It will cost me around 4.6m. It looks pretty darn good actually, and i really like it. Has anyone had a chance to test it? if so what do you think about it? Please share your thoughts about this car, Thank you.