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  1. Sounds cool, I am going to install the maps. Android auto is great but I think it's still early stages to give it a try, hopefully Mazda will officially release it to every single model soon. Fingerscrossed
  2. If you seach on fb there is a page called "littletreesrilanka" I will contact them as well.
  3. Great thanks, gonna try these two brands now. I've tried so many sh!ts none of them work well.
  4. shipping cost is ridiculously high machan, any sri lankan dealers or shops?
  5. Hey guys, where can I find this California Car Scents-Laguna Breeze or little trees air freshener. I can't find anything on myd* Any other places?
  6. Check this video and take a look at the comments section as well.
  7. 71 Euro with shipping cost .... around 11500 LKR Here is the link
  8. Ok will see, thanks mate.
  9. Hey guys, Got these from ebay. An armrest and set of 4 premium car mats.
  10. Thanks, I will contact him. Now the real question is, will this method void my warranty? any idea about it?
  11. Hey Quiet, I have a Mazda 2, can I install this navigation system in the 2? Does it work well? I have contacted CM, they offered me the SD CARD with navigation system for 100 000
  12. I haven't had a chance to drive the 6 yet but one of my friends has it. Unfortunately this Sri Lankan Mazda 2 doesn't come with cruise control (Yeah let's call it Sri lankan Mazda 2 lol )
  13. 9.3M for a Mazda 3 is just ridiculous. Pay less, get a mazda 2 and you will get more options than a M3 lol (Skyactiv engine, LED headlamps with DRL, 6 speed gearbox blah blah)
  14. Well, agents only bring down the basic model but they call it "High Spec" model. As far as i know Mazda have two different production lines, 1 for European market and the other one for Asian market. So we are not getting some of the "great" features that Mazda offer such as (istop, blind spot monitoring, active driving display ecc.. ) Yes i totally agree with you
  15. Ok cool, can't find anything on ebay damn.